Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Small Stones: Mirror Mirror

Cold smooth
Silvered glass


My shaking hand
Does it appear?
Will it always?

Nothing there,
Where did I go?
Who am I?

Will try not to scream,
No tears! No tears!
Now is not the time.

Try to breathe:
Take in,
Give out.
Take in,
Give out.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Dancer Is a Child

Satellite view of Ireland

From the first slip jig of the day to the last reel at the end, one fact was abundantly clear:  every competitor in this Irish Dance Feis (Fesh) was still a kid. 

Oh, each one gave their best to stand tall and be mature. 

Their toe points were perfect.  The arms were straight.  Knees straight on the kicks.  1 2 3 4 5 6 7, Hop 2 3, Hop 2 3, Back you go 4 5 6 7, Hop 2 3 and Hop 2 3. 

Wigs are now required as dancers move up the ranks—curly crazy wigs that bounce to accentuate the dance.  The dance schools each have their own school color and design.  It can be blue with red pleats, the Celtic designs in bold embroidery, white with orange pleats, or any of many variations.  The shoes are either soft shoe or hard shoe.  The white socks are held in place up to the calf with sock glue.

This is a long way from the surge of Irish dance of Riverdance fame.  

For an article that compares the past to the present click hereYou will see the before and after photos of Irish dancing!

Many words could be written about how something simple and pure morphs into a huge business in the world of dance with rules and regulations, expense (one “worn only twice” solo dress was for sale: $1,200) and dedication.  They won’t be written here.

After the dancers finish and the dance costumes carefully put away, the dancers are children.  The shoes are packed, and flip flops replace them.  Tee shirts and shorts don’t glitter, and the wigs are off with a pony tail in their place.   

They stand before the wall with the results numbers.  There is both joy and disappointment.  One little girl (in the beginners 1, under 8 yrs. competitions) searched for the scores for her dances.  There she was:  a 3rd place, another 3rd place, oh and a 2nd place.  Oh, Mommy, there I am!  I got a 1st place!! 

That little face lifted to her mother, those sparkling eyes, and a huge smile say that the dancers are still kids-- kids who want a hug and then go to get some ice cream, and maybe a movie.

Friday, October 26, 2012

People who Make a Difference

Why this?

Common universal themes are the ones that grab me when I read a book or a blog.  The questions most frequently addressed are:  WHY me?  WHY this?  WHY now?
As a writer, I try to weave a thread of humor through my writing.  That is how I handle the hard answers to the hard questions.  Humor keeps me from spiraling inward.  How do other bloggers/writers handle those same questions?

Klahanie uses satire and uses it well. 
The precise use of words make Delores’ blog a pleasure to read.

Irony and no-punches-held-back are employed by Melynda
Deep introspection and wisdom are from Dee.

Arlee ties his writing together with guitar strings and dreams.
Roaring into the wind is Pearl with grounded humor.

Taking in and breathing out is Elephant’s Child.
Arlene shapes her world to show her inner beauty.

Joanna/Cup on the Bus reflects on the past and connects it to the present.
That rascal, Pat Hatt, portrays himself as the human servant to his cats.

Elisa  has talent over-flowing, organizes us all to produce anthologies.
Jen Chandler always gives me a great perspective on life.

Rick/Life 101 reflects on his life, his interests, and his family.
Zoanna/Penchant for Pens shares her love of faith, family, and poetry.
Erin/Hold onto your Bloomers entertains me with her observations and humor.

My list is much longer, for there are many bloggers who have enriched my life.  How about you?  Do you have those universal questions and bloggers who have helped explore the answers?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Westerns and Dreams Fulfilled

From me:

A drifter brushed dust from his chaps and squinted at the line of Mexican tile over the cantina door.  “This’ll do.”  He strode through the doorway as an antique piano played.   He noticed photos of Pat Garrett and Billy.  “Damn you, Billy.”  The drifter left, thirst unquenched.

This writing no way implies that Mr. Eastwood did such in any movie.

From Delores:

Crystal was dreaming of a place where her skills would be valued.  Cloaked in white, she glided down a narrow trail in to a misty world of wishful thinking.

This photo comes Dawn at See*Photo*Write

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Words

Welcome to Wednesday Word Day!

Delores initiated this 50 flash fiction event, where a group of 5-6 words are posted, and bloggers created a piece of fiction.  What will you do?

My words for this week:

Dust       piano      Photos    antiques       tile     lines

See what you can make of these words!