Monday, August 27, 2018

Ashes to Ashes

I will read ashes for you, if you ask me. 

I will look on the fire and tell you from the gray lashes 
And out of the red and black tongues and stripes, 
I will tell how fire comes 
And how fire runs far as the sea
By Carl Sandburg

Fire all throughout the Southwest--it is burning, eating and consuming every single thing in its way.

from a distance
Residents are looking back at the fire, as they drive away with just clothes and photos.

Dry dry air, heavy and suffocating.  Sun scorching burnt earth, 100 degrees or more. Tinder dry vegetation, ready to burn.

Oh, God!  Please protect the firefighters!  

Oh, God! Bless families whose homes are burned to the ground!

Every summer, I post about wildfires.  In 2014 , we could see the flames from our house. 1994 at a school where I taught, ashes covered playground and swings. That one was called the Witch Creek Fire

Below are photos I took from our house in 2014.

Fires like these will happen until December. Last year, many wineries near Napa were ruined and burned. It took three months to extinguish that fire.

P.S. This was a re-post updated from 2014.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Idyllwild, this time with photos

People always have a spot, one that is not far away, that is special to them. We call it our "go-to" place.  It is a town called Idyllwild. population: around 3,784.

Much could be written about this town, but right now it is most famous for the recent Cranston Fire.

Following the rains of 2017

June 2018

After Cranston Fire at Idyllwild July 2018

We drove through this moonscape on our way to Idyllwild for the afternoon yesterday. This community of 3,874 was busy with an annual music festival. So many visitors were there that we had real difficulty finding a parking place.  Shop owners told us about the courage and dedication of firefighters and how this tight-knit town were ready for such an event.  

If we had not driven through the black and white burned area, we would not have known a fire had nearly taken their town.

It was saved by three or more days of 24 hour firefighters being so brave.  Around the clock of fire retardant drops and water from Lake Hemet kept their town whole.

Arson was the cause, as in other fires in the news.  It is a felony to do such a horrible thing, with serious consequences. We personally feel that an arsonist should spend the rest of his life on the front lines of fighting a wildfire.

We will visit our "go-to" Idyllwild again soon.  

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Revenge of the Halictidae

Good Morning Angel Sister's.... Sending you Blessing Bubbles & lotsa Love❤️ Wind blown kisses too ❤️. ¥!ck!£ xo.   Leaving for California to see my Bestie!!! Can't wait! Keeping you all in prayer... Let me know updates!!!  Muwah❤️
Ah. Romance in the Laundry Pinterest
Any person who rhapsodizes about hanging laundry in fresh air to dry has never done so in the Midwest, and for seven people in the family.  I would have gladly invited them to spend a week with me on our farm. Also, they have never had to iron that laundry, a sizable chore for many afternoons. 

Blueberry Bucket
Given that thought, it is important to confirm a few things that are probably a plus.  Hanging and un-hanging was a peaceful time, for no one bothered me.  If they had, they were pressed into service.  Even though it was stinking hot, being alone for awhile was a pleasant change.

One Wednesday as we prepared to attend Wednesday prayer meeting, I was rushing to take down laundry. It was early dusk and was a rush job: remove clothespin, fold item, place in the bushel basket, and move on very quickly.  Once the folded underwear was distributed, my teenage self had to hurry to get ready.

Some time into the service, my teenage brothers began to squirm and cry out.  Then one by one, each leaped to their feet and ran out the church, screaming.

While this pleased me to no end, this event confused me mightily. Whatever their pain was, it was their due since they were each evil masochistic sub-humans. 
Halictus scabiosae MHNT.jpg
Sweat Bee

Later, it was discovered that there were sweat bees in their underpants. Yes, those bees with a short-term sting that hurt like the dickens. They are unusual in that they fly around in early dusk and evening. God bless them.  

I was certainly innocent in this, totally innocent. For some reason, the bees had selected their underpants. Why, I don't know. But, my joy knew no bounds.

I fell asleep with a giggle and a smile. Revenge happens when it is least expected.

These sites are blog posts where the evil masochistic brothers made my life a living hell throughout many years.

God bless you, Marvel Comics

The Easter Bunny Cometh

Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Mystery of the 52nd Minute

Just past the 52nd minute....

The Mystery of the Fifty-second Minute

Sounds like a great title, doesn’t it? “The 39 Steps”, or “Sixth Sense”?  Throw a number in the title, and you create a question and a grabber.

This is how TV shows always play out. It doesn't matter the genre of the show. Code Black (ER with quality actors; good show)? Elementary (modern Sherlock Holmes in NYC; good show)? Bones (now in syndication, FBI meets forensics; good show as well)? are all good examples.

I have observed that at the 52nd minute, stuff happens. There are 8 more minutes left. Factor in 2 or 3 commercials about 1 minute + each, leaving 5 more minutes.  These allow things to be wrapped up with all sorts of ruminations, memories, self-doubt, and finally resolution. 58 rolls around, show ends at 58.5, and then there are previews of the next show, along with more commercials. The 60 minutes ding,  and Bob's Your Uncle.

At this site, Guide to writing TV scripts the process is broken down in this way:

Any script should come in 5 steps. First there is the "Teaser" which supposedly catches the viewer. Commercial break kicks in, indicating movement onto......  

"Act One" which presents the problem to be addressed. A commercial break appears, leading to....

"Act Two" has the characters facing down the problem, figuring things out, but meeting up with all sorts of brick walls in their discoveries.  Another commercial break interrupts, and then there is....

"Act Three" finds the characters' frustrations overwhelming and bad guys making headway. Another blasted commercial break, leading to....

"Act Four" is the big event, where basically it is all figured out. (THIS is where the 52nd minute heralds the Ah-Ha moment).Yet another commercial break happens, and....

"Act Five" allows for closure and maybe "wait, look over there, OH NO..." 

Somehow, knowing this format makes it all less irritating. Being able to identify "Oh this is Act Three." sets up the next bathroom run.

What spurred this interest? "A Team", old show from late 70s.  This show was textbook on predictability. My nephews explained it to me and I saw their logic. 

I could write these scripts.

We all could write this type of script. But, the question is could we all factor in the 52nd minute?