Sunday, July 29, 2018

It Is Not My Fault.

Who? Not me.
In decades of my life and experiences, I have heard this phrase too often. Parenting? You bet. Teaching? Oh yes. Myself? Much too often.

Being in denial about one's behavior is a common flaw all share.  Think back on it.  Somehow, rationalizing decisions made or actions taken were absolutely just fine releases a sense of contentment.

Rules in a classroom are pretty straightforward, ones that could be expected. All teachers share those same rules school year after school year. Here is my own addendum:

No one can make me do or say something, or act in a way that I do not choose. I am in charge of my choices.  

Nothing more can be said about this, except to repeat these thoughts in a different way. That is boring and unnecessary. 

Damn that Barbie!! I always knew they were evil. Any doll with boobies like that are definitely suspect.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Cow Chipping in Chatham, Illinois

CowChip 1
Yes. Yes, it is.
The Chatham Illinois holds its annual Jaycee Sweet Corn Festival in July every year. A big draw is the Cow Chipping Contest.   (My own photos disappeared, so this are some other photos from other Cow Chipping, which is a very universal sport.)

Future chippers--not afraid to get their hands dirty
My brother Rev. Don Peck and his son Jeremy Peck are extremely involved in this annual event. Don and Jeremy know just about everyone in this town of 12,000 and their crew of friends really know their cow patties.

A team of highly trained technicians are dispatched to the field and extract the day old product with specially designed tools. The correct dimensions were determined by measurement using a toilet seat. The interior is the chosen dimension. (This was a part of my original post.)

Believe it or not, this is serious business. 

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searching for cow patties serious professionals
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Cow chipper technicians in training
When a pie was deemed acceptable, it was taken to the security container to prevent contamination.  Whispers of sabotage had been heard, suggesting plans to rig the pies with pellets and pieces of gravel. A security squad was in place to guard against such.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature
Serious business, I mean serious

As said above, this is very serious business.

Cow Chip pile
examining for size requirement

"This event will take place on July 21-23 at the Chatham sports field. Any attendees wishing to participate in the cow chipping throw should attend when the event is announced.  Experience is not necessary. All should understand that participation may result in pungent particulates adhering to hands and clothing."

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It's mine.
Competition is serious business.

Boy, I hope I can attend next year's Cow Chipping Contest.  

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Who comes up with this stuff? Who watches this stuff?

Run! Run like the wind!

What is it about writing and directing on TV and movies that show absolute stupidity? The other evidence of missing intelligence is that it repeats itself, just with different words, throughout the rest of the show.

"Let's split up, so we can cover more area."  This is a pure sign of disaster.  In a haunted house where blood runs down walls?  In a cemetery known for flesh-eating inhuman monsters? In an alligator infested forest where bikini-clad teen females bounce around? (The alligators have been genetically modified which causes 4X growth and longer legs.)

"You're going to be fine! You'll be okay!" This is being said to a cognizant dying person who is bleeding buckets out within his line of sight. This is being said to some other person whose guts are being held by his rescuer.

"Don't touch that button, whatever you do, don't touch that button!  Certainly,  destruction looms. There will be explosions or maybe open the gates of hell to release damned souls. Why can't these people just follow directions?

Nuclear Explosion Meme | OH. SO THAT'S WHAT THAT BUTTON WAS FOR. | image tagged in memes,nuclear explosion | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Don't touch that button!

"Run! Go get help! We'll hold them off!" This directive is give to the weakest, least athletic person in the group.  He/she takes off, running down the center of the road while a howling monster on a flaming motorcycle chases him/her.

I know all this because my husband watches these shows and movies while I write. My comments: Really?? You have to watch this again?! Headphones are wonderful inventions.