Friday, August 30, 2013

What Do People REALLY Need?

What do people really need?  Need to have a satisfying life?  Nothing is said about happiness, but simply satisfying?

This is a tough question, since it has so many possible answers.  Here is a starter list:

A place to call home

A good memory to which to cling

A Plan for their life


Friends and love

despicable me 2 Wallpaper HD

Minions (I saw “Despicable Me”with gr-kids; it was awesome!)

A place in which to play freely

A tunnel through which to escape (Despicable Me)



Kindness given and received

Okay…What do you think one needs to have for a satisfying life?  What would you add to this list?


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hometowns Have Long Memories

Source: Point Pleasant, West Virginia
It was nearly three a.m. when Donna drove along the Main Street in her hometown, Grandview.  How many years had it been? She asked herself. 

Donna had been a clerk in the local drugstore, working with kindly Mr. Jameson.  Those days had been so simple, so happy.

That was when the “incident” occurred.  Ol’ Miz Grandview, the founder of the city, had staggered into the store, in obvious distress.  “I’ve been drugged, drugged, I tell you.”  Then she collapsed on the floor.

From her dead hand rolled the prescription, filled by Mr. Jameson himself.  “This is not the prescription I gave her!”  Sweat beaded on his forehead, as he remembered what he had been doing that day.

Mr. Jameson had been in the storage room that day, hidden in a scandalous  and passionate embrace with Mrs. Calhoun.  No one knew, and now what?

“SHE did it!” He pointed at Donna .  “SHE replaced the pills!”

The trial was quick and the jury could not agree to a verdict.  Donna left town, nearly forty years ago.  Mrs. Jameson finally confessed to the crime which sent her to die in the electrocution chair, frying as her husband sobbed.

What am I doing here?” Donna wondered.  She honestly did not know.

Many thanks to Delores @Under the Porch Light!  Every Wednesday, Delores puts up some very challenging words for readers to use in creating prose, poetry, whatever.  Please check her site!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Waiting for Death

Black and White Rose: Rose edited in greyscale. An old fashioned, Victorian effect.
Source: xymonau
I have been waiting for someone to die.  This could sound very evil, but it is not.

My sister-in-law Cheryl has died from complications of diabetes.  She has been in a nursing care facility or hospital for several years.  Diabetes is a debilitating disease that slowly takes away part of a life, a bit at a bit.

Sadly, there are no pictures I can post.  Cheryl hid from the camera, for many different reasons.

Eyes, kidneys, feet, legs, hair, mobility—just about anything can be listed with this horrible disease.

Cheryl.  I have known her since our freshman year at high school.  She sat next to me in freshman English.  She was shy but friendly.  We found were also in chorus and P.E. 

My brother Robert started dating Cheryl in the end of our senior year (I think). They married young, the next year.

So much could be written, but won’t be.

Cheryl has passed from this life to God’s Presence, where Robert waits for her.  Peace and completely healed.

Heaven: Taken from a plane
Source: gabriel77

Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Sizzles

As the Western United States continues to fry under the sun and burn in multiple sites throughout, this is all that can be said.

plitvice waterfalls: none
Source: lusi

Now, don't you feel the same?

Dive in.  Dive in, dear friends.

Friday, August 23, 2013

If I Had a Hammer....

Peter paul and mary publicity photo.JPG
Wikipedia, God bless 'em!
Long, so very long ago when I was in 7th grade, a popular song was “If I Had a Hammer” by Peter, Paul, and Mary.  My friends and I were becoming more aware of social and political events, and this song spoke to this new discovery. 

We would sing this song non-stop during lunch break until the rest of the class told us/threatened us to stop.  But the words still rang and I remembered them for years.

Now, I look at that song and wonder what I would do if I had a hammer.  

I am now a realist, where then I was a dreamer.  

I am a conservative, where back then I was a pure socialist.  

My dreams are more esoteric, where then my dreams seemed unlimited.

Hammer 1: Hammer on pinewood plank series.
Source: sunstrom
What would I do with that dang hammer?  Being pragmatic/practical, I would repair the balcony.  I would build a fairy play house for my granddaughters.  My hammer would be used to smash irritating nails or pots or blocks of rock-hard ice.

What would you do with your own dang hammer?  Are you still a dreamer and think of your own hammer metaphorically?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wilma Kindling

One of the quilts I made for my grandson

Wilma Kindling stabbed at the new quilt she was making for her grand-niece Jessica.  Wilma was steaming as muttered with each stitch.

“This is her eighth child in nine years!  What does that jerk Jimmy think…” she grew silent as she quilted.  Jessica was having babies at a frenetic pace and Wilma simply had put an end to this.

Wilma was momentarily stunned as a cunning plot came to her. The solution was clearly visible.  “Jimmy needs to have a vasectomy!”  It would not be difficult to arrange.  Not difficult at all.

Cheese and wine: Cheese and wine

If you like and use my picture please link to my website :
Source: julos
Wilma and her friendly veterinarian Dr. Fred met every Thursday night for some wine, cheese, and wild sex.  He hated Jimmy as much as she did, as Jimmy always showed up every Thursday night just as the wine was being polished off.

Dr. Fred could bring some anesthesia and supplies he uses to neuter pets, only they would give Jimmy the “Ol’ Snip Snip”* instead. 

Wilma would help with the stitching (she was good at that) and be clapping after the surgery was complete.  She and Dr. Fred would then drive the drugged Jimmy home and drop him off at his doorstep.

Such a simple plan!  Wilma was eager for Thursday.  She picked up the phone to call Dr. Fred.

*My farmer father called the human sterilization process "the ol' snip-snip".  Removing animal testicles was simply called castration.  Just so you know.

Many thanks to Delores at "Under the Porch Light".  She is the word smith!

What People Do...

Source: Texting while driving
The number of deaths and injuries in car accidents caused by texting and other driver distractions is growing in a painful way.

In many states, drivers seen texting or on the phone are subject to huge fines and tickets.  Several graphic commercials have been shown demonstrating how quickly deadly accidents occur if drivers are texting or otherwise distracted.

How many of you dozed off by the third sentence?  Raise your hands, don’t be shy!

Lately I, my friends and family have been observers of CRAZY drivers who were engaging in AMAZING activities!   Here is a list:

Playing a violin while driving, using the knees to steer the wheel!

Performing all manner of sex acts

A female changing her clothesevery item of clothing!

Eating full on meals

Putting on make-up

Playing video games

Watching movies

Reading books

Clipping toenails

Can you add to this list?  We must stop this craziness!

Monday, August 19, 2013

We Who Were Born

Source: Ireland Indie Travel Guide
By Eiluned Lewis

We who were born
In country places
Far from cities
And shifting faces,

We have a birthright
No man can sell,
And a secret joy
No man can tell.

For we are kindred
To lordly things:

The wild duck’s flight
And the white owl’s wings,
The pike and the salmon,
The bull and the horse,
The curlew’s cry,
And the smell of gorse.

Pride of trees,
Swiftness of streams,
Magic of frost
Have shaped our dreams.

No baser vision
Their spirit fills
Who walk by right

On the naked hills.

Today I think of green and blue.  Not just any green, but that deep green frosting the hills and fields.  Not just any blue, but that shifting blue going from robin egg to thunder storm.  Those are not here where I live, but I know where to find them.

Friday, August 16, 2013

I'd Love to Be a Fairy's Child by Robert Graves

There? Should I be there?
          BY Robert Graves

Children born of fairy stock

Never need for shirt or frock,

Never want for food or fire,

Always get their heart’s desire:

Jingle pockets full of gold,

Marry when they’re seven years old.

Every fairy child may keep

Two strong ponies and ten sheep;

All have houses, each his own,

Built of brick or granite stone;

They live on cherries, they run wild—

I’d love to be a Fairy’s child.

It is the end of summer and school will start again.  Somehow the start of a new school year makes me feel like I should be somewhere else, doing something else. Something is not quite right--like I don't belong here.  I must be a fairy child.

Robert Graves.jpg

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Keep moving, Sheila!

Sand Dunes
Staring into the light was the onset of despair.  Rolling dunes as far as could be seen robbed her of balance and Sheila fell, tumbling and rolling hard.  Get up, I must keep moving, she muttered as she stumbled to an outcropping of rounded stones and palm trees. 

Sunstroke was a distinct possibility in this heat, driving her to find rest in the shade.  

She grasped the nearest beverage and swigged back the green slime, thinking of it as a tropical treat.  Sheila choked and spit it out.

Virgin Mojitos

Mojito?  Are you kidding me?  Bring me a Margarita!  

Sheila looked around the luxury resort and its exotic d├ęcor, with its handsome waiters.  That’s it—I’m catching the next flight outta Yuma!  

She did not know but there were no flights that day or any other.

Yuma Arizona Hotels

No disrespect is meant to Yuma, AZ.  Yuma is set among beautiful scenery.  When we drove through Yuma recently, it was 112 degrees F.  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Card Dealt....

Delores at Under the Porch Light

Cards dealt, then spread
Lay head to head.

First went the Queen,
Broken heart seen.

Blinded by light,
King lost the fight.

Unknown are left--

Four Clubs bereft.

Kudos to Delores at her new site:  Under the Porch Light
California makes another step for education.
Flag of California
Wikipedia, God bless 'em
California likes to think of itself as ahead of the rest of the nation.  There is much pride when this is proclaimed at different life-changing events.

Today California’s Governor Jerry Brown signed an unusual piece of legislation:

"California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a controversial bill into law Monday afternoon allowing the state's transgender school students to choose which bathrooms they use and whether they participate in boy or girl sports."

Edmund G Brown Jr.jpg
Gov. Jerry Brown

More can be read about this topic; click on the caption above.

As a parent, grandparent, and retired teacher, I see nothing but trouble ahead for this new allowance.  It troubles me the events that may come to pass, the children who may be hurt, by this legislation. 

I have taught students for whom this was a struggle.  There was never a good solution, and I suspect this is not the solution. 

Any ideas out there?  I'd sure love to hear something...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Rambling Boy...

Of the people I miss the most
Are ones enshrined
In my heart.
Why they cannot be here,
Why they cannot stay here,

Only God knows.

This is for all the Rambling Boys.
This is for their sweethearts.
Most especially, the parents--
 their mothers 
who think of them
every single day.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Just say no...

I do not know how or when this aberration began, but it makes me wonder.

Source: USA network
It is simply this:  I really don’t care how shows end anymore.  I mean, I really do not care a bit who wins the Cupcake Wars.  Or whose food will be Chopped.  Or who wins the World’s Amazing Race (or whatever it is called).

The Amazing Race 18 logo.jpg
Wikipedia, God bless 'em
It does not matter to me.  There will be about five minutes left on the stupid show and I have spent some time watching it, off and on.  Then I shut it down.

Basically, it doesn’t matter who wins on Project RunwaySay Yes to the Dress is the worst—the bride is planning to spend what on that dress?  $3,000 or more?  No, it does not matter at all.

The only show that mattered to me was Tree House Master (or something).  I've always wanted a tree house.  But now? Phhhht. Well, maybe.

Note: the above video is reaaallllyyy long; just watch part of it.  Fast Forward A Lot!

There are so many other things to ponder than these reality shows.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

In honor of Delores at thefeatherednest and her wit, her perspective, her way of thinking.

I have heard darkness described as mysterious, inky, like velvet...but the darkness in the old Davis mansion, with the last Davis reposing in his coffin across town in the Gentle Rest Funeral Home, was, simply put, horrifying.  I would have as soon sat at the side of old Mr. Davis’ coffin all night than stay in this hideous old mausoleum.  Yet, here I must stay, all the long, black, dismal night.  What’s worse, I have to stay here,  ALONE.

I continue this prompt:

Matilda twisted the dust rag, glancing at the dark corners and the shadowed ceiling.  How had she been chosen to keep the lights on in this old rotting mansion?  To keep away the greedy townspeople who had hated the Davis legacy with a deep born loathing?

‘Oh, well’ she sighed.  She dragged another bag of silver and baubles to put in the back of her van parked in the back of the kitchen.  The paintings were secured, the carved statues next to them, and now the silver. 

‘Maybe one more bag…the library had a nice collection of first edition Jane Austen and Charles Dickens…