Monday, May 16, 2022

The COOL Cars we love


1958 Oldsmobile
While my own experience with cars is limited to home to school/store to home, I had spent time with my grandson, the car thief. Thank you, dear Lord, for technology. We will watch him grow up.
 While his vocabulary was that of a two-year old (which he was at the time), he had clear vision on the types of cars.  There are three:  little cars, big cars, and cool cars.  He was quite serious when he said "COOL cars."

It makes perfect sense, this division of cars.
Here are some “cool cars”.

I tried to remember what this is....

Now, given that these are “cool cars”, there are many cars that used to be the "Kings of Cool Fast Cars".  Sadly, they have broadened their line. Now the cool cars are really expensive, and not that cool.
Maserati Kubang SUV
Not your father's Maserati

The Dukes of Hazard and Magnum P.I. must weep at the devolution of the cool fast cars.

P.S.  The Mustang is still the Mustang.  You can see them at this site.

I need to get better cars, some cool cars. These are not.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Yes or No, check one.

 Yes? No? Will Jessica answer this letter? What would she say?  What would he say? Life is a challenge when hormones kick in.

15 Hilarious Notes Ever Caught By Teachers

Thursday, May 12, 2022

And then....then

Utter Chaos

Life is a chain of events, I know that is true.  These happenings link up to form the past.  That is how it works, and wonderfully so.

What I desire for a while is a period of time in which the weeks are filled with simple day-to-day activities:  laundry, going to a movie, reading, and such. 

These past few years have been labeled “…And Then…” years.

In Illinois, my mother started to decline, “…And Then…” started.  Each phone call and each visit always led to something more.  When Mom died in April 2011, I thought life would resume the laundry and movie routine.  But, it didn’t.

All those “…and then…” events occurred:  A broken ankle.  A fall/sprawl (broken ankle betrayed me).  Trips to far-off places.  Christmas and birthdays.  Serious illness and surgery (for my husband’s mother).  Subsequent care following. daughter fell, broke bones in her foot, had surgery, was ‘laid up’ for two months.  Then…my other daughter had a baby boy!...And then we couldn't see this baby boy for almost a year.

More trips to far-off places.  And then…

Maybe I am whining about life in general.  Maybe I am like my wee grandson who cries when he needs something, and it is up to his parents to figure out what that is. They could just call me and I can take over.

If I could push a “pause” button, I would. Should I?  Would you?  


Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Disasters and Dystopia on SyFy


Dominion - Title Card.png
Maybe it is just me, maybe it is the fond memories of television at a more innocent time...

Every single time the new round of TV shows appears, I wonder how in the world THIS idea made it through the sorting process and WHO dreamed this up.

The new program in this line-up was “Dominion” on cable SyFy, and it was a winner, according to advertisements. It had been renewed for another season and had a substantial web site, heavily loaded with darkness.

The plot line was that God has disappeared (Oh, come on!  Really?) for some unknown reason, and the Angels were looking for Him.  Understandably, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel were the most upset, as they are the God's angel sons.

And then there was also "Defiance", on SyFy.

The plot line here was that Earth had been all but destroyed by an alien force.  The action setting was in the ruins of The Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.  (which is in itself inexcusable).

The famous Arch teeters, as a symbol of society itself.

I really don't know what else to say. 

I find these are just another dystopia, society-in-ruins shows, joining the ranks of so many other post-apocalyptic messes. 

This all amazes me and dismays me.

Is this what entertainment has become? Yes it is. 

Thankfully, our God reigns. He truly does.  He has not disappeared.

Published in 2015, here for repost.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Mom, how we miss you.


         Mom in a dress Grandma made for  her, High School Dance

 We had always viewed our mother as superwoman. She could do anything. It was only in the last 10 years of her life that we knew the it was time for her to hang up her cape. There is such an emptiness that holds onto you.

                                                     Mom, in high school                       

                                         Mom, at the stove where she spent hours of her life.

                             Mom, holding Tony and sharing her immense Christmas cactus. That thing was 10 years or more.

                                            Mom seldom took time off. Notice the chair and its fabric?

Mom with my sister Mary and Aunt Vada



Thursday, May 5, 2022

W.Words: The crazy J words

 lion’s mane world’s largest jellyfish

Jenny spread Aunt Jane’s jewels, making a jigsaw of gems on the bed. When Jane died, there was a jumble of junk around her body which confused the family: Jade? Juniper? Jasper? What the hell?   

Jenny jumped up to collect jumbo boxes which Aunt Jane had prepared for the heirs. They were jolted by the contents: jumbo jellyfish encased in resin. The joy they had hoped for was dumped in their mental jerricans.

After the jumbling herd of non-jubilant relatives had slammed the door, Jenny took her jerboa from the cage. “Well, Jerry. They had their chance. Those jellyfish were worth some money.” Jenny petted Jerry, “They were never that bright.”

jewel, jigsaw, jerboa, jasmine, jerrican, jump, jumbo jellyfish

 Two of the words above are unique. Which ones are they, and what do they mean?Come on, you can figure them out.

The above italicized underlined words are a gift from Wednesday Words , which are from Elephant's Child and The other side of 60.
Each week during one month, volunteer bloggers provide a writing challenge by posting 6, 12 words and/or a sentence/photo prompt.  This gives writers a jolt to experience winding those words into a cohesive poem, prose, short-story, whatever genre.

Participants may post their take on these words in comment section, or indicate that your post will be at your site.  This helps readers to find you, which is nice.