Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Serious Force

Recently, several bloggers have experienced in a serious way the biggest force of nature known to man:

Oh, I have always known and respected gravity.  It has shaped everything about me, quite literally.  Every line on my face cries out, “Gravity did this!” 

The drooping arch of branches says, “Look!  See this!  Gravity!”

A treasured vase crashing into tiny shards shouts, “See what Gravity did?!”

Simple stumble over an unseen obstacle sends an adult colliding with concrete.  The broken bone(s) scream, “Damn you, Gravity!”

Gravity is immediate in its results.  

Gravity is inexorable in its demands.  

Gravity is consistent in its behavior.  

Gravity is ever-present.  

Gravity is a great equalizer.  

Gravity dictates the physical results on Earth.

Gravity is one grave force of nature.

Live with it.  Or not.  It's still has the same effect.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Day at the Doctor Office

Another day at the Doctor’s office, another slice of humanity.  Another day for observing the great lives that pass through the door.

Awkwardness melted away as the chairs filled up.  Patients were forced to sit next to a stranger.  And then, one person leaned over to the next and said something.  It didn’t matter what, because the forbidden veil had been torn.  People started interacting, sharing, making eye contact.

Different races, ages, experiences, and life choices poured out in a flood.  Vietnam vet was next to long distance trucker.  An elderly woman sat next to twenty-something woman.  A bicyclist with torn ACL (or ALC) talked to the sixty-something man who sported a graying ponytail and a Padres baseball cap. 

Everyone was there to see the doctor for some reason involving pain or illness.  Some were clearly in wrenching pain, but relating the events of the accidents helped them endure the waiting.

What was I doing, you may ask.  I was the one who leaned over to the person next to me, and started it all.  After that, my journal was open as I wrote, interspersed with conversation.

Just needed to get the ball rolling.

Friday, January 25, 2013

There Go I


On Christmas Day these events I observed:

A lone man shivering and looking at his feet while waiting for a bus
Cold rain falling on an overloaded pick-up truck as it moved belongings from one abode to another
The sound of an ambulance coming from a near-by assisted living complex

Christmas tree lot with many unsold trees, all unattended
A single car parked at McDonalds

On the freeway, a car with a flat tire and a woman with children inside waiting for the tow truck

On Christmas Day these events I experienced:

My granddaughters in their pajamas, opening gifts, squealing with delight

My grandson (six months old) sitting in my lap, chewing on his favorite finger

Laughter from my family




Holding my husband’s hand

But for a twist of chance or fortune, I/we could have been in the first list.  In fact, we have been on that list at one time or another.  What about you?  What did you see on Christmas Day?  Have you ever been in one of those spots?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nana Moves In


A dull day, that is what this is,dull gray.  Samuel thought as he looked up from a coloring project to The Mother.  She was making a cake for Nana, who was moving in with them. 

Grammy had moved in with Aunt Tammy Whammy when she decided she was ‘out of her depth’ with Samuel.  Out of her depth?  Samuel smiled at the words.  The old lady was drowning in the deep-end.  He continued working on a “Welcome, Nana!” sign.  The mother had written the words, although Samuel believed he could have conveyed the message better with his fiery bombs and flaming people.  Oh, well, whatever.

The mother had just poured the batter into the 8 ½ x 11 pan when the doorbell rang.  Jehovah Witnesses or young Mormon men?  She would prefer the young Mormons.  When she didn’t return right away, Samuel nodded.  The men.  Well, then. 

Samuel climbed down from his chair and ran to the opposite side of the table to peer into the cake better.  Oh, Fun-Fetti.  This is perfect. 

Thinking on the fly was one of his many gifts.  Scooping up some bits of broken crayons, Samuel carefully placed and pushed them into the cake.  Maybe a few more on this side?  After effectively burying the crayon shreds, Samuel returned to the sign, innocent by all accounts.

The Mother returned to the table, smiling and blushing.  Nothing like religion to make one happy.  She placed the cake into the preheated oven, and cleaned up the kitchen, humming happily.  Every now and then, she gave Samuel a nervous smile.

Samuel returned her smile.  “You okay there, Buddy?  Wanta play a video game?”  Okay?  I am juuuust fine. 

The timer rang and The Mother carefully removed the cake from the oven and placed it on the high counter.  Leaving the oven door open just enough to let the oven cool, The Mother ran to the bathroom.  The bathroom door closed.

Oh, woman.  Do you even think about the possibilities?  Samuel peered at the partially open door, and silently lowered it down.  Still hot, but not dangerous.  Grabbing some broken crayons, Samuel tossed them onto the oven shelves and bottom.  Oh, how lovely.  Samuel watched at the colored pieces spread out and pool in rainbow glory.  Silently Samuel closed the oven door, knowing The Mother would never notice.

The Mother returned.  “Nap time, young man.  For you and me both.” 

Samuel acquiesced, holding her hand lovingly.  The Mother was confused, but accepted this new step in Samuel’s life:  possible obedience.

In his room, Samuel listened for new sounds.  When the front door slammed and happy voices sounded, he knew Nana had arrived.  He listened as Nana spoke about the big roast she had ready to cook.  The oven will be heated up next.  He felt a tickle of anticipation.


The smell of scorched crayon filled the house.  Oh, glory!

“SAMUEL!”  A dull gray day transformed into one of joyful color. 


Monday, January 21, 2013


An avalanche of laundry
Lies in the hallway,

Unwritten overdue Thank You letters
Sit on the desk,

Christmas decorations and Wrapping paper,
Of all colors,
Closed up in a box,

Waiting, dang it.

A lone baby sock
With monkeys,
Rests in my hands,
Stirring memories of Benjamin

With his sweet baby kisses.
While I hold this sock,
Every other thing can just


Here are some other things Benjamin left behind:

Friday, January 18, 2013

Will I Dream?

Will I dream?

That line is from 2010: A Space Odyssey” where Dr. Chandra is shutting down SAL, in an effort to see if he can reactivate HAL 9000 (2001).  SAL allows this process, only after asking that question.

At that time of the early 1970s, computers were bulky machinery that filled a gymnasium.  Today’s computer seemed unfathomable and certainly something unattainable.

But here it sits, on my desk in front of me.  It does not have independent, self-created-thought as far as I know.  But it sure has strong will, destructive will, as I discovered back in mid-December.

Have you ever seen that dreaded black screen with squared white letters telling you that your computer has inexplicably shut down?  Over and Over?  If you have, then you are nodding your head at this very minute.  That happened to me on December 20, 2012.

My computer has been in the shop, and then returned to me clean and humble.  Will it last?  I don’t know.  But I wonder, as it sat on the work table with other broken computers, did it dream?

If it did, it had nightmares, terrible destructive nightmares.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just Thinking about the A-to-Z...

Thinking ahead of the A-to-Z Challenge, my mind has set wondering.  This will be my third year of participation.  Looking at my first year and then at my second, I was not pleased.  Oh, there were some posts that met expectations (mine), but there were a miserable lot that had me shaking my head.  What was I thinking…

This year my plans are different.  Writing something every day for each letter forced me to come up with something, even if that something was a stab at the dark world of alphabet letters.  Also, the sheer numbers of participants had me gasping in frustration; there were so very many fine writers out in the blogging world, and there was so little time and physical endurance.

This year I will be combining adjoining letters, two at a time, skipping a day, and writing from a tilted point of view.  A with B, C with D… There will be some oxymorons, some silly thoughts, a few profound contemplations, and hopefully some interesting writing.  Interesting and very very brief writings.  Can I work with 50 words or less?  I pray so.

The problem with this Challenge is not only the incredible participants; it is also with the overly-lengthy blogs.  Seeing a blog that fills the screen makes my eyes blur.  Having to do the de-coding in the "captcha" defeats me. 

So that’s my plan.  Have you given it thought?  I bet some of you are already done—you rascals.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas returns to the Sock Drawer

Christmas in the Sock Drawer returned with much celebration.  The glimmer of hope felt after the Massacre of July ’12 now burst into full flame. 

Like most good things, the flame came unexpectedly.  One day the sock organizer had been torn from the drawer and the socks had been dumped back in the drawer to co-mingle and become reacquainted.  Then soon thereafter…

The Wool Argyle from a Seattle trip remembered it best, relating the story to every new addition to the Sock Drawer.  “The drawer opened slowly with the slant of light blinding us all.  Then from the light tumbled all manner of old friends, now reunited with their beloved mates…”

Apparently, all the lost socks had been put aside until some gentle old person had sorted through the mound, reconnecting long parted socks.  Only a few lonely socks had remained behind in the basket, hoping for their own return.

“There they were:  gold toes, Easter flowers, Halloween pumpkins, ragged crew tops, and compressions!  All had been tied together, joined once again.  Oh, the glory!  You socks fresh from Kohl’s and JCPenney’s will find what it means one of these days…”

Socks awaiting their fate
So it was on Christmas Eve that the new Christmas socks were surrounded by all the Sock Drawer inhabitants.  The glow-in-the-dark Halloween socks illuminated the dark space as the elderly surgical sock with the rubberized chevrons came forward and announced the blessing on all present.

The Argyle sighed.  “…unfortunately, surgical sock had returned alone to the drawer, despite being tied with her mate.  Apparently, there was talk of his indiscretions with the lone lacey trouser sock.  He never made it back to the drawer, poor sod…”