Monday, October 29, 2018

Life is too short...

I took this in our community.

Living in a retirement community means seeing the constant movement of old residents being replaced by new residents.  For the old, most of them are in their 80s to over 100. Seeing smiling happy bingo players on a Friday becomes hearing about their deaths on Saturday.

It is time, time to realize your bucket list or any list should not be delayed.  That said, here is some of my list:

Life is too short to...

Order the cheapest entree on the menu.
Buy and eat store-bought sushi.

Sleep on an old mattress.

Use duct tape to fix the same thing over and over.

Be ignorant of history. Knowing the past 
changes how you understand the present.

Be mean. You will regret this
all your life.

Stay silent when speaking out will help people
or situations.

Avoid puddles when walking. Splash in them, dang it.
Stay inside at sunset. God created them, they are amazing.

Put off sorting through the boxes of photos in your closet.
They are not going away. Having your heirs do this is

Watch TV all the time, regardless
what is on.
Make judgments about people.

Eat stale bread. Bread is God's gift.

Gossip. Truth will out. 

Purchase absolutely the least expensive, most awful toilet paper.

Rage at and curse the TV.
Give up on someone.
Drink cheap wine.

this is from Calliers Chocolate factor in Switzerland. You have no idea.

Consume poor quality chocolate (go for the good stuff, like from Switzerland).

Avoid saying "I'm sorry".
Behave angrily and irrationally.

Be too proud to ask forgiveness.
Buy store-bought pie. I am a pie snob.

Be serious all the time.
Discount power of prayer.

Make plans to do something or go somewhere, but then don't do it.
Wear cheap shoes.

Eat an ice cream whose flavor you hate 
for some strange reason. 

Neglect friends or family.
Be serious all the time.

Forget what it was like to be a child.

Suppress a giggle. 

This list could go on and on. Don't you have a list of your own? What is it? What should you do about it?

This is written in memory of Ed Repik, age 83, who died on a day after Bingo from a fall.  to say he was a good man is not adequate. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Dark and Light, Finally the Night, ch. 3


Raw Angora wool fleece for Spinning - White

Snow White squelched her fury, while Anam raged within her. Allow me. Release me. Gift her to me. 

"Abide. Soon." Snow White breathed.

"No, Kylyu. I prefer your heart, beating and raw as I devour it." Snow White hissed through clenched teeth.

Kylyu shrieked and charged, her body twisting and growing larger and larger until blackness covered all. Her form transformed into glistening skin of slime and scales, a visage from darkest millennia of ancient sorcery. Bellows reverberated through the cavern.

Snow White lifted her arms and tilted her head skyward. "Now." She declared. "Now."

Anam soaked through her host, with all that Anam is. To very minute particles, Anam unleashed her power within Snow White.

Snow White expanded, her form now a cloud of aingeal, most holy and pure of all beings from a time before time. She engulfed in and around the cavern and pit.  She reached, wrapping and enclosing Kylyu in strong white fingers of mist.

Irish Gaelic:

cailleach (Kile-yuh) Kylyu: witch
anam (anuhm): immortal, non-material part of a person
aingeal (ine gull): spirit being

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Walk on the Wild Side

Cartoon of blonde girl driving a sports car isolated on white Stock Vector - 9931445
Oh, yeah.
Brenda leaned her head back as the wind caressed her streaked hair. At last, a convertible, my own convertible. A burgundy convertible. Laughter trailed after her.

Brenda knew she was hot, so totally hot. The women around her were hags compared to her.  The men who passed by gave her that look, confirming her thoughts. They waved and smiled, that kind of smile that said Hey, babe. Walk on the wild side...

She slammed her foot down on the gas, taking her convertible to its highest speed.  Take that, mustangs.

Brenda slowed just enough to hang the turn into the parking lot.  She skid into a space, one near the Atrium where cards slid across the felt and fortunes fell. Money burned in her red Louis Vuitton purse.

In moments, Brenda was through a door that opened for her.

Brenda eased her walker to an awaiting table. "Hey, ladies. You ready to put your money where your mouth is?" With that, she turned up her hearing aid and slapped down the maximum ante of $3.00. 

"Saw your new golf cart, Brenda!  Could see that you cranked it up to 20 mph this time. Speed will kill you every time. That and Alzheimer's." Hester smirked.

Those around her chuckled and picked up their cards. Brenda laid her red Louis Vuitton purse on her walker. She had left her cane at home, since her last hip surgery.

Arthritis is a bitch.

 Click on address to see where Brenda gambles
Click here to see where Brenda gambles

Friday, October 19, 2018

Dark and Light: Where Lies the Night Ch. 2


Angele de la Barthe

There, on the far side of the pit, hung the limp bodies of Karl and Petra.

Almost unrecognizable, they had been clawed open and shredded beyond disbelief. Intestines draped from abdomen to puddles of blood below. 

 Their hearts were on a spit, turning slowly over flickering flames. Gunther cowered in a corner, his mouth opening and shutting in soundless terror.

Kylyu** existed beyond memory. She had appeared full blown onto an innocent world and slathered it with her evil. Kylyu rejoiced in the destruction she had wreaked in her trail through time. An ancient witch was she.

Incensed, Kylyu recognized and despised Snow White's power, blinded by its purity and unimaginable power. I have found her. Destroy her, finally.  She arose from piles of bones, clutching a gnarled staff. She hobbled from her foul lair to reveal herself, ready to unleash annihilation on this potent adversary.

Kylyu. Haggard and skeletal with mottled skin stretched taut over bones, she emerged from her darkness. "So, White Child, you stand before me. At last." Holding her staff tightly, the witch limped to the fire, pulling a strand of Karl's heart. Licking it, biting it, she offered some to Snow White. "Do you prefer charred or still bleeding?"

Gaelic Language
Aingeal (Ine-gull): Spirit being
Caileach (Kile-yuh) Kylyu: witch
Anam (Ah-nuhm): Immortal, non-material part of a person


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Dark and Light: Soul Black and Heart White Ch. 1

Another abandoned gold mine. This one has one piece of old shoring left behind.
abandoned gold mine

Darkness dropped quickly, leaving a starless sky ominous with heavy silence. Anam** hovered protectively around Snow White as she paced in the dwarfs' cottage. Through a swirling mist, Anam whispered, There she be. There she waits. For you. Snow White wrapped Anam tightly about her, "Yes, Anam. Close by. Soon. Final, an end."

For the weeks Snow had dwelt in the cottage, all seven had returned at dusk from their old mine. One night ago, only six returned. Last night, only five. Now four exhausted dwarfs trudged into sight, ducking into a warm cottage.

Karl? Petra?  There was no surprise. Both were unstable and filled with anger, but Gunther?

"Where's Gunther? Where?" Her frantic question vibrated in their stone cottage. Four remaining dwarfs shrugged their shoulders, but blanched and pale faces showed more. One whispered. "Couldn't see, But some'n grabbed 'im. Stole "im away."

Anam soaked into Snow White as she tore open the door and raced into a velvet night. Save, you will not. Has them all.

Flickering lamps reflected veins of gold, illuminating a path into the mine. Snow groped her way along jagged walls. Down there, she is. And deep it is. The wall had been a sealed wall of boulders which now opened with a grating groan, showering shards of granite to reveal itself.

Pebbles tumbled down a dark path leading to a cavern where shadows bounced through and off the boulders. Sobbing and groaning seeped from a far corner. Stumbling became running as Snow White emerged into a massive cavern where wall no longer glittered with gold, but were coated with blood still oozing over stone.

Aingeal (ine-gull) : spirit being
Cailleach (kile-yuh) Kylyu: witch
Anam (ahn-uhm) : immortal, non-material part of a person

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Snow White: Can she really sing? Yes. Yes, she can.

An illustration from page 17 of Mjallhv√É­t (Snow White) from an 1852 icelandic translation of the Grimm-version fairytale.
From Iceland in mid-1800s translation
When Walt Disney took a chance by creating and producing "Snow White" as a full-length animated movie, it was a true leap of faith. Fortunately for him, "Snow White" was successful and this sweet version has continued to be so.

Ever Sweet

But, this was the purged, cleaned-up, sanitized Snow White.  Brothers Grimm collected many tales, all brutal. Snow White, in her many guises, dates back to mid-1500s. The Grimms wrote much about her, publishing these in 1853 (?). 

I submitted my own version of "Snow White" for a competition for "Sisters Grimm", an anthology of tales. All of the anthology is written by female authors and will be published as a Ubook. This should be released around Halloween this year.

My submission, "Dark and Light, Black and White", was not accepted (Oh, well). It is a tale of darkness and evil, where Snow White has to be more than a pretty girl singing in the glades.

In the coming two weeks, I'll be posting this in four chapters. I sure hope that you'll stick with the chapters, as some are gruesome in the battle of good versus evil.

Snow White "kicks butt", as recent generations say.

Chapter one: Dark and Light, Black Soul and White Heart, Oct. 17

Chapter two: Dark and Light, Where Lies the Night, Oct. 19

Chapter three: Dark and Light, Finally the Night, Oct. 24

Chapter four: Dark and Light, Gone the Night, Oct. 31

Monday, October 8, 2018

Garema Place Blest

From Elephant's Child
Billy Bob and Esther Sue had saved all their lives for this trip, and by golly, they would see as much of this street art place in Australia as they could.

The bus tour gave them 45 minutes to roam about this park in the middle of Canberra called “Garema” Place.

“Hell, Esther, if I’da wanted to look at weird metal sheep sitting on a bench, I’da made one at home,” Billy Jim stood with his big belly balanced by hands on hips.  “Mighty dumb, if ya ask me.”

‘Glad I didn’t ask.’  Esther Sue mentally responded.  She came to a lonely plaque on the sidewalk.  As she read it silently, a tear slid down her cheek.  ‘Well, at least you rejoiced when it came, Linette Bone.’

Billy Jim hollered, “Time to git back on the bus.  Git on over here, woman!”

Esther sighed, looking one last time at the plaque.  ‘Hope you were loved, ….’  Then she joined Billy on the bus.

This was a photo prompt from May 2012.  Its story, told in those very few words, touched me deeply.

Here are some other art displays at Garema Place in Canberra, Australia:


Source: must visit this site.

This is a re-post from October 2012, a PhotoPrompt provided by Elephant's Child.  My Switzerland family (daughter Mary and 6 year old grandson Benjamin.) are still here. Will be leaving tomorrow. It has been a wonderful time.

Monday, October 1, 2018

The Red Door

PhotoPrompt #5

Running inside to answer the phone, Shelly called over her shoulder, “Tim, you wait for me before you open that cellar door, okay?”  Without waiting for an answer, Shelly grabbed the phone.

“Shelly…Shelly?  Is that you?”
“Hi, Grandma!  Didn’t expect to hear from you so soon after your visit yesterday!  What….”  

“Shelly, listen to me.  I found out about the folks who built your house.  Shelly, whatever you do, DO NOT open that cellar door!  You hear me…?  Shelly?”

A distant scream sounded and then the line went dead.

This was a post from June 2012 and then re-posted January 2016.

This is a post from ages ago, but I liked it.  It is the dark side in me--a dark twisted side.   June 4, 2012 seems so long ago...