Sunday, October 31, 2021

Falling into Bad Company


File:Amish Outhouse.jpg
Building Plans available
This example is in much better condition than the one at Grandma's house.

Following Halloween shenanigans, outhouse tipping continued. Every house built in late 1800 era sported an outhouse, a necessity for the pre-plumbing days.  Some were quality, meant to last for many years.  Others were built in haste and their construction showed rickety and rotting wood.  Easy pickings, they were targets of gangs of boys treading through darkness and, with little effort, tipping those over.

My Grandmother Amy lived in one of those old houses and had one of the latter outhouses.  This made her graying and rusting outhouse a frequent subject of the outhouse gang.

Each time Grandma Amy had to phone my father, who then drove through dusky hours to place the structure back over the pit. After almost every night's misadventures, Dad and Grandma devised a plan:  move the outhouse over into wild roses, leaving the pit open under a dark moonless sky.  While they waited in silence and darkness with an occasional smirk and giggle, these monsters approached through with giggles of their own.

Moments later screams and profanity were heard as surprised boys tumbled feet forward into the open pit, a not-too empty pit at that.

Grandma and Dad switched on the porch light, and armed with flashlights, they smiled down on faces of well-known-miscreant teenagers. What the.....get us outta here...damn you...

Grandma armed with a water hose and Dad with a rope managed to pull the three boys out.  A casual stream of water dripped down over the excrement covered boys, leaving a healthy amount of odoriferous matter behind.  Dad directed them to place the outhouse back over the pit, promising to inform the town's mayor about them.

Following the order of penance, grumbling in whispers, the boys settled every outhouse through out town, securing them safely and securely in place.  They even assisted my father in building a new outhouse for my grandma; they also dug a new pit for her outhouse, refilling an old full pit in with soil.

This was a memory that gave Grandma a source of giggles the rest of her life.  God Bless Her.

A few years later, an addition to her house included a toilet and sink.

Amy Lucy (Dolly) Nichols Peck
July 1970

Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Rattlin' Bog

 Oh, ho, ro, the rattlin' bog, the bog down in the valley oh....

.Good song, heard it a lot in Ireland. pubs.  Preferably with a pint, this is a fast drinking song. Try to keep up, a pint helps.

We always sang along with it all, kept up with the speed and fun.  The three versions above give a view of the pub with its party and music. Can you imagine all these musicians together?  ? A fun night, is to be found indeed if you ever get an opportunity to attend a seisun at some pub in Ireland.

Paddy Moloney died this past week at age 83. He is considered to be the Irish musician who put Irish music to the forefront.  

Basically, he played many of the instruments.

My 3-4th gr. students learned this song. We sang it during rainy days (too wet to play outside), danced until we wore ourselves out. Well, I was worn out.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Who is in charge here?


Boys. What can be said about boys?  So much, a lot. 

As a teacher I enjoyed teaching boys. Cut it out. I am looking at you. And, classroom life would resume.  But girls

A classroom of girls is much like a room full of cats. Things go bad fast when Lisa has a "dispute" with Becky, and then explosions

Another time I will highlight the females of the same age.  Should be interesting.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Food, Glorious Food


Turkey time is only a month+ away, with Christmas sneaking by in the toy aisles. Each year I feel the dread of celebrating without parents and family.

All those memories of watching Dad carving the roast turkey, Mom with her pies, and me mashing the potatoes spring up in my taste buds.  Good memories. 

Any plans for a change-up with the turkey? I have been scrolling through recipes and here is what I have found. Skip the creamed vegetable and marshmallows on sweet potatoes.

YouTube "Appetite Kitchen"
This also exists.
4 minutes or so

about 4 minutes long

These were entertaining. Take a chance, considering it an opportunity.

So there you have it. Open up your horizons. Live large. Go for the gusto. Get lost in nature, and you will find yourself (or possibly die). If you think big, you will live big. Go big, or go home. Give thanks for the pie.  It is just a pie after all.  I don’t care what the problem is, pumpkin pie is the solution (with whipped cream, of course).

What will happen next? I ask, what will happen next.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

A Quaint English Village


I want to visit St. Mary's Mead for a while, maybe even more.  I would like to be one of the villagers who assist Miss Marple, in some very minor way. I'd like to meet her for tea and scones, learning  of details following the librarian's sudden death. I want to know about the frog leaping from the grandfather's clock and scaring the teacher; thus, Miss Marple knows the answer to a mystery where the frog has some meaning.

She passed away a few days ago, age 82
She was feisty.

Dame Margaret Rutherford
She is so good. Worth watching

As none of my dreams will come true, I watch an episode (excellent, too hard to choose). Go to 
List of Joan Hickson's movies . I will be sitting right next to you with a cup of Earl Grey and a scone.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Billions and Billions of Stars

Carl Sagan opened an immense door to stars and planets beyond.  His "billions and billions of stars" sentence will linger for some time. Even now, some 40 years after he opened space for many people, we still remember him.

"The universe is less now that he has left it" is what someone expressed in comments. And to whomever wrote this, this is what I feel as well. What he saw and knew is something we will appreciate for decades to come.

Sagan's devotion to teaching provided opportunities for students to learn about this new revelation we experienced, and that our children have learned. Ultimately, our progeny can look through a telescope and view the spots of light in a dark sky.

Sagan would smile and look through Hubble. Ah, there it is! Did you see that?

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Oh, it's perfectly normal!


'Oh, dear Lord, please help our nation.  Please help and protect our children. Parents must take charge to keep students safe."

Here is a sample of what is being supplied to our babies:

                                                            books online, cheaper that hardback

Obscene Sex Ed 
"Legal" in 43 States!

Obscenity Exemption Allows Teachers to Show Obscene Materials to Minors 
Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education is not what it was 40 years ago. It's definitely NOT just about human reproduction! Dangerous messages laced with obscenity can be shared in the classroom, under the guise of Health Ed. 

Laws in 43 states provide exemptions from obscenity laws permitting sexually explicit materials in schools. These materials can influence and promote illegal behaviors! 

Liberty Counsel, a non-profit legal group is rallying parents against these laws which effectively protect porn in some educational settings.  
                                                                adult to child sex
This is what our children are being spoon-fed. Some parents do not want to buck the school district decisions. But it comes down to decisions, do you want to challenge the school board? Do you want to stand up, literally? This will affect your children his/her entire life.  What your child is being taught now will only increase, all the way through his life.  First graders will be "groomed" to learn more.

"Being groomed" is another term for preparing a minor to be willing to have sex. Pedophiles groom their victims to ease a child into a relationship. A child will develop a online connection and then the pedophile will suggest and arrange a meeting. Look it up. Sadly, the pedophile is often a teacher or any adult in direct contact and a place of authority.

"Oh, dear Lord, please help our nation. Please help and protect our children. Parents must take charge to keep students safe. Give them courage."

Books by Robie Harris can be found and purchased on Amazon: 

 "Fully and fearlessly updated, this vital new edition of the acclaimed book on sex, sexuality, bodies, and puberty deserves a spot in every family’s library." as per Amazon.

Be proactive in your response to this horror. Saying "I'll pray for this" is not enough. Prayer with action is the best way to be active.


Friday, October 8, 2021

The After School Pick up lane


One seldom sees the slaughter in pickup lane for schools. Oh, yes, it could be slaughter if cars do not follow directions and get the heck out the way.

I know this, mainly because I have had after-school duty to keep the car train moving and students crossing in the lanes. Nothing makes you question the lack of humanity when parents jockey for parking when 200+ parents are doing the same. Oh, it gets nasty.

Every negative thing you have heard about parent pick-up is true, and more so.


I know, I know.  

Every driver reaches the time of insanity. One time I had the duty of the "hell drivers" in the enter line. Honestly, I had to block the only car lane that cut through and into the student crossing lane. I had to stand knee to bumper to protect a line of children. He revved his motor. I did have an umbrella and began to open it (why? then I thought it was necessary.) He peeled off and drove down the street. 15 min. later he was back, with no luck, and he moved off to the correct lane, after flipping me off.

Oh, people. Sigh.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Crawling is the first power


“There’s a storm comin’!  I tell you a storm!” Pastor Grimley yelled, pounding the pulpit.  “ARE YOU READY?”

The congregation shouted Amen, Praise the Lord…waking Emily from her nap on the pew.  Mama was standing, being one of the Amen group.

Emily rolled and then planted her chubby little feet on the maple floor.  The walking thing was still iffy, but she had the crawl-ing down.  Distance to the pulpit wasn’t far at all, and at a fast crawl, Emily could cover it before Mama noticed.

And, off she took, under pews, between legs, around feet, past purses.  Oh, Emily knew she was fearless, and this would be another time she found freedom, with her white diaper bottom wagging behind.

“Can you make a joyous noise to the Lord??” Pastor roared. Cue the organist, who joined in with a chorus from different hymns.

Emily reached the pulpit and pulled herself up, pounding on the cross.


Root out sin!  Let joy rise as a fragrance to the Lord!” He raised his arms, pointing to heaven.

Emily plopped down on her bottom, onto a loaded and ripe diaper.  You betcha!  Emily clapped and cooed as Mama came running.

Thank you, Elephant's Child for provided the bold underlined italicized words!  She tosses 6 to 12 words out at writers to take up a challenge in their writing each week.  
Go to her site and check comments, take up the challenge.

This is a 2014 posting.  I am culling through previous posts. Some of them are good, some are mediocre, and the others will never see the light of day.

Side note:  Have you ever enjoyed such a church service? We never had any pulpit vandalism, but had the "amen and praise God" congregants.