Monday, August 28, 2017

Smoke in the Air or Lungs, Whatever

This past month has hit me hard, both with its treacherous heat (106 deg., heat advisory warnings) and its effect on my brain. 

I wonder about this possible treatment?

YouTube has a variety of marijuana experiences to view.

Should I give this a try?  It is legal here in California.  What do you think?

God bless Joanne Noragon who is still wrestling with effects of a stroke and a fall. Joanne never does anything halfway.  Excellent writer, sharp.


Monday, August 21, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happiness on a Sesame Seed Bun

McDonalds burger and fries
I'm lovin' it!
So here we are: sitting in a line of 20 cars at McDonald's, because the debit machine has broken.  Grumbling is at a mild roar.

Since my gr-daughters have helped me become more tech aware, I use my android to visit Google: What is in McDonald burgers? It tells me 100% beef, and shows a site where more info can be found.

Going to a non-McDonald site, we learned much in our ten minutes.

What is actually in their hamburgers?

  After you watch the first minute or so, skip to 6:37 where you will see more.

Beef by-products are meat and fat scraps, connective tissue, and bone bits.  These are the ingredients of the absolute cheapest dog food.  BUT, add some ammonia and voile’! There you have 100% beef.  And, by all definitions, it IS 100% beef with a secret pink sauce added. 

British chef Jamie Oliver shocked American audiences by showing them the raw 'pink slime' produced in the ammonium hydroxide process

The bun consists of 28 ingredients. First three are flour, water, and barley flour. The rest are unpronounceable words, all science stuff. 

I then looked at Chicken McNuggets. This info is guaranteed to be nauseating.

Our turn came up and we drove off with diet Dr. Pepper.  Yes, it is chock full of chemicals.

Coffee and soda are our usual purchases.  Now I know why.

Vintage 1970s commercial

P.S. Nearly every web site visited, I encountered all sorts of blockades, and videos simply disappeared.  Some sites I had just visited had been removed or an error message appeared.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Run, Run Fast, and Runaway

Different music artists in my formative years are plastered in my memory. Some of their recordings make me happy, just humming tunes and recalling some of the lyrics.

Bobby Vee... I always loved Go Away Little Girl.

 Bobby Vee died in 2017 at age 73 years, from Alzheimer's.

Sigh.  Bobby Vee made many teenage girls sigh.  

The Beatles had their own song, Run for Your Life, Little Girl. I never listened to the lyrics until recently.  Creepy.

Run fast, Little Girl.

Del Shannon was famous with My Little Runaway. The organ riff was famous at the time.

Where did this Runaway Girl go?  Why?

So, there you have it.  

Bobby Vee wanted a girl to go away before he begged her to stay. 

Beatles were stalkers, promised to behead the girl if she left. 

Del Shannon wondered why his girl ran away. 

These narcissistic men viewed these girls as objects, didn't they understand that? 

Obviously, all girls need to watch themselves and ask serious questions about any guy who is controlling and possessive. They should consider cross-country training.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Oh, the shark bit, with his teeth bare...

Bobby Darin on Andy Williams Show in 1970

Today has been a Sharknado fest, all shows one through five. Each one has escalated from mildly amusing with bad puns to silly oh-come-on plots and simple special effects. Lots of movie references, including Wizard of Oz, Terminator, and so many. But clever, it is clever.

#1 took place in Malibu and moved inland to LA, stopped only by Fin Shepherd   A mysterious cyclone seems to suck up all the sharks in creation and drop them randomly. Fin manages to save his family and much of LA.

#2 is Sharknado: The Second One, which takes place in New York. This is where Fin discovers his talent with a massive chainsaw.

#3: Oh Hell No! which starts in DC and travels down eastern seaboard.

Five minutes condensed funny scenes.  Silly, yes.

#4: Sharknado: The 4th Awakens! a play on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. David Hasselhoff is a key hero here, not a competent one. This starts in Las Vegas (Wayne Newton!) and moves on. I think it takes out Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.

#5: This one is Global Swarming: Make America Bait Again! This one had a high budget, being filmed in five countries. It takes out Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, so far. It is still running.

Why is this series still on? Why haven't I gone shopping? What am I doing here?

My husband has the remove remote duct taped to his hand.  I don't drive anymore. My computer is in the TV room.

I am just waiting for Game of Thrones to come on. It at least makes sense.

Friday, August 4, 2017

August Sucks

Just when the inside feels like I could bake cookies on the counter, a magical thing happens.

Melting Ceramics by Livia Marin pattern cups ceramics
Source: livia-maria
Our local energy company SDG&E employs the FLEX energy plan to keep the electrical grids from over-loading.  That means they can turn my A/C off.  Off!! with the fan still running. 

Off, with the interior thermometer rising slowly up the scale.  82º?  That is nothing.  86º, and it keeps rising.  I stop looking.

Outside?  Thermometer past 95 and still going...

The A/C returned.  God bless it.

Truth is: Summer makes me cranky.  Life sucks.  Leave me alone.

This is a re-post from 2014 or 2013.  It doesn't matter; hot one year or the other doesn't matter.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Barbarella Moved On

Barbarella [Blu-ray]
On Amazon, blu ray, $5.30
Husband John will always remember the movie, Barbarella, starring Jane Fonda. Released in 1968, when my husband was 18 and full of testosterone, Barbarella became a cult classic of spoofy erotic sex and science fiction.  It was a coming of age for those male baby boomers.

In 1982, Jane Fonda became a different coming of age (literally) for the female baby boomers, who were thirty-ish and experiencing sag-after-babies, when "Jane Fonda's Workout" video was released.  It led to 13 more such videos, rake in $13 million, and open up a whole industry of muscle toning (leg warmers, incl.).
Jane Fonda's Original Workout
Amazon, $8.96
For two+ years, I faced Jane through the television screen and followed the mantra: No pain, No gain.

But, sandwiched in between 1968 and 1980s, Jane Fonda was an activist for many civil rights issues.  Ranging from women's rights to Alcatraz and American Indian reparations, Jane Fonda was a voice.

It wasn't always a good voice.  Black Panthers, Huey Newton, and then Vietnam were always in the forefront.  It was that Vietnam choice that tarnished who and what Fonda was. 

She visited Vietnam and American servicemen, as well as North Vietnamese military.  So much gets blurred, especially when a photo of her on an anti-aircraft gun was published.

Nicknamed "Hanoi Jane" thereafter
My Aunt Minerva was enraged by Fonda's relationship and actions with North Vietnam.  She was a Gold Star mother, one of too many who had lost sons in this war; Jane Fonda's actions were unforgivable. Even into her dying years, my aunt still held tightly to that fury.

Although Jane Fonda relayed what really happened in her 2005 autobiography, that photo is still too strong. 

From Barbarella to Exercise Queen to Political Activism, Jane Fonda definitely created a memorable legacy.

What do you remember?