Friday, January 29, 2016

Wed. Words: Secret Life of St. Dymphna

Image result for saint dymphna
One of many Irish Female Saints

The Ladies’ Auxiliary of St. Ann Church were engaged in vigorous debate 
about page 37 of “Secret Life of Saint Dymphna” when all hell broke loose.
Father Gary threw open the doors in a small book room, crying, “Someone has broken into our church hall!”

Caught between horror and mirth, all stood up, racing to the church hall. Auxiliary president, Mrs. Girth was last to take off running, the only one with mirth bubbling within, smiling at rear ends ahead of her.  Her thoughts were random and full of disdain.

Ha! Mrs. Garson! did not know anyone saw you having a romp with that handsome altar boy behind table skirts in this very room! …and Miss Maulder, you wretch!  Stealing holy wine, swigging it down after service! Really!  I could smell it on your breath!

The herd had reached the hall, each searching the room.  Mrs. Girth hung back, watching, smirking.

Ha! Ms. Barton!  No one knew that it was you who wolfed cartons of butter pecan and moose tracks ice cream…but I saw you.

The search revealed nothing.  The book club resumed, whispering and speculating. Mrs. Girth watched them, knowing that someday all truths would collide and she, as always, would be there to observe.

The Wednesday Words meme was started by Delores .  It has since been handed over to volunteers to present the writing prompts.  Six or twelve words, photo prompt, or a sentence prompt would be given to challenge bloggers to step beyond their genre. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Galaxy Quest 2: Mission Continues, hopefully

Impressive Cast

Why wasn’t a Galaxy Quest 2 produced?  For those who enjoy bad effects and humor from actors who are forced to attend SyFy events in the roles they held fifteen years ago, we mourn decisions made preventing #2 film.

IF there were a Galaxy Quest 2, Cast would have aged appropriately and plot would have moved forward.

Narcissistic Crewman #6, Guy Fleegman (played by Sam Rockwell) would bring along his daughter, Crewman #6A (??actress—no idea).  She would be aboard to redeem her father’s various character flaws.  6A would roll her eyes, with hands on hips, and remark, “Let’s get this b….ch!”

She would take the first shot, roll and roll, and rip her shirt, revealing a flashy bra.

Gwen Demarco (Sigourney Weaver) would adjust her body Spanix, trying not to limp. Her last knee surgery didn’t go well. Body double, get in here.

Normally Jason Nesbit (Tim Allen) would have rolled and rolled, tearing his shirt to reveal six pack abs.  Instead Jason would adjust his man girdle, pop open a Diet Pepsi, and call, “Hey, body double in!”

Only Fred Kwan (Tony Shalhoub) held onto himself—his youth and humor, no aches at all.  “Fiery Doritos! You tried these yet?”

Tommy Webber (Daryl Mitchel) has moved onto “NCIS: New Orleans”, returning RSVP with regrets.

Sadly, Alexander Dane (Alan Rickman) is unable to participate, and he is missed. He was a versatile actor, a talented man. These are scenes that focus on him.

Basically plot and script would be a repeat with changes, older cast, better effects, and unique humor that was so endearing. 

That would just fine with me.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Faces of Evil

Dietrich Bonhoffer
Dietrich Bonhoffer

Face of Evil…those words present differently to everyone.

For a four year old? What does a four year old see as evil?  Maybe, just scary, which is plenty.

For teens?  Evil?  Would they recognize true evil beyond “American Horror Story”?

Ah, but for adults…adults see evil in its many forms. Evil comes in the form of amoral, sociopaths, psychopaths, and every other “path” in the world.

In the years between 2000 and 2008, evil sneaked in silently, in the back door quite literally. It tiptoed in, stealing homes through mortgages, fraudulent and devastating.

In this movie, The Big Short, historical events grab viewers and shake them like a dirty puppy, foisting humor and heartless greed.  

Names are real, what they did is real, what happened is real.  What these evil men slammed down in paper volumes of numbers, economically spread across the world, nearly causing entire countries to collapse.

Faces of Evil leap from the screen and will remain in viewers’ minds. 

At least it does in mine.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Thursday Trauma: Light one up...

Tobacco plant
Tobacco is a strain from the nightshade genus, a deadly plant

Our huge tobacco industry began with the Native Americans introducing the plant in the 1500s to be used in religious 
ceremonies and medicine.  

Soon plantation owners from England, most of them in terrible fiscal shape, scurried off to escape their spendthrift reputation.  They changed from reckless money spenders to being prominent wealthy businessmen, growing fields of tobacco.

Sir Walter Raleigh introduced the first Virginia Tobacco into England.  This painting shows him and his pipe. It was thought then that tobacco was medicinally sound.
One of the first successful planters was John Rolfe, husband of Pocahontas, who made his fortune in exporting tobacco to England—40,000 pounds (18,000 kg). 

Virginia colony and The Carolinas saw tobacco as a "cash crop" which led to importing of the first black slaves in 1619 to work the fields.
The earliest image of a man smoking a pipe, from Tabaco by Anthony Chute.

It is almost impossible to calculate the boom in tobacco production from this increased man power.  Or to calculate the effects that tobacco has unleashed. It has been identified as powerfully addicting and a tragic carcinogenic.  

Over one billion (1,000,000,000) deaths have been attributed to tobacco use.

So, the next time one sees someone light up an expensive cigar and hop into an expensive Mercedes, one should think “There goes another one…” Tobacco harnessed another victim. 

This information was gathered from Wikipedia--worthwhile read.

The underlined italicized words are provided by Delores, a delightful blogger.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday Words: Tobac for the ol' man

Aw, so, ye caught me, yer ol’ man and ol’ wit ruby cheeks from pints of faded memories.

Go ahead, take laughter at me expense, lass.  Give me a kiss and take flight wit yer fairy wings. 

Oh, girl, do ye have any tobac for me pĂ­ope??

Aw, well, so. On wi’ ye.

...and again I forget to credit the right blogger who threw the words at me with a photo besides.
This week and month are from Randomosity.  Please,oh please, give yourself a whirl and write a short story, poem, prose...there are some mighty handsome words there.  Write in the comment section or indicate that you'll post something at your own site.  We beg that you link it back to her site, so we can all give it a look see.  Slainte.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Running inside to answer the phone, Shelly called over her shoulder, “Tim, you wait for me before you open that cellar door, okay?”  Without waiting for an answer, Shelly grabbed the phone.

“Shelly…Shelly?  Is that you?”
“Hi, Grandma!  Didn’t expect to hear from you so soon after your visit yesterday!  What….”  

“Shelly, listen to me.  I found out about the folks who built your house.  Shelly, whatever you do, DO NOT open that cellar door!  You hear me…?  Shelly?”

A distant scream sounded and then the line went dead.

This was a post from June 2012 and then re-posted January 2016.

This is a post from ages ago, but I liked it.  It is the dark side in me--a dark twisted side.   June 4, 2012 seems so long ago...

Friday, January 15, 2016

Wednesday Words: Oranges
A gauzy fog rolled over the low ground, then rose in a flamboyant curtain of a freezing mist.  

Soon each orange was covered with a thin coat of clear ice, as stilettos of icicles lined the branches, shimmering through shadowy moonlight.  

In the morning at sunrise, glittering diamonds across the orchard disappeared as ice turned to water, which fell to frosty grass 

Delores from Under the Porch Light started this meme to shake up writers and challenge them with some interesting ideas.  Her computer rebelled, so several bloggers are taking turns to pass the baton.

This week the words are provided by Randomosity

Every week, we are given a selection of prompts; what we do with those prompts is up to the blogger.  Try a short story, poem, song, prose, or nothing at all.
Some of us share our creations in the post’s comment section, while others post on their own blog. IF you choose to post on your own blog, please write that in the comment section, in order that readers can hunt you down, and enjoy your creation.
This week there are two sets of 6 words each, a photo, and a bit of music.  Let your fingers do the typing!

Monday, January 11, 2016


Cursed and Crushed
Gary listened to Weather Channel all week, watching anxiously.  Would the storm head straight toward his house?
Branches swayed, leaves and lawn chairs flew. Now!  It’s time!

Gary grabbed his ax, racing to the massive rotting maple tree behind his house.  With just a few chops, it would sway and fall—smashing the house and all in it.  Can’t sell it. Ex-wife won’t leave.  Insurance settlement…That’s what I need.

Powerful gusts grabbed the tree, twisted it, and dropped it on his 
ex-wife’s new car. 

Damn! He pondered. “Emily? You okay?...”

Ax in hand, Gary walked into the house. Other chopping to do.