Thursday, October 22, 2020

Potato vs. Potatoes

Languages are peculiar, different, exciting, embarrassing...and everything else.  Some words move easily from one language to another, since those are was are called "Romance Languages".  Latin was the primary source, and words morphed from Italy to Europe, and onward. German comes from middle Europe initially and then also morphed with other languages that shared their own Indo-European source.  

This is all well and good. We love to hear from where our existence developed and the words that sprang out of that.

So here are a few languages, introducing a vocabulary as well as the formation of the word.  

I confess that I put these out there because these are so creative. My husband lived with a German family when he was attending a German language school in the late 1960s. Here it is nearly 50 years later, and he still remembers a lot.

Our oldest grandson (8 yrs)  in Switzerland has announced that he speaks four languages: British English, American English, German, and Swiss German. Dang, he does!  

  In 30+ years ago, when we lived in Ireland, our children learned English and Irish Gaelic.  Our oldest was 10 yrs. old, and wasn't required to learn the Irish. Our son was in 2nd grade and daughter was in Jr. Infants (young Kgt) He became quite fluent, so much so that his teacher wanted him to skip a year.

Anyway, the song above is one of the most used and appreciated country songs. After hearing the uniqueness of the Irish language in song, it is easy to fall in love with Ireland, the Irish, the Gaelic language, the food, the ale, stout, ....

Languages are crazy amazing.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Kindness for a Dying Child in Ohio


                                                      Ignoring state regulations

…and now starts the minute by minute examination where contestants will be given close scrutiny and sorted out.  And then…

Exhausting, these election horse races.  Placing bets.  Candidates stock market.  Twiddly winks.  Skip the stone.  Bowling competition. Javelin throws.  These sports hang on millimeters.

Most exhausting is also the dissection process.  Each candidate’s character and personal choices are sliced and diced.  Soon political staffers will find that one candidate cheated on a third grade math test.  That’ll be enough to knock ‘im off presidential sprint (or marathon).

The names are stew-potted in a gooey sauce. Some names will sink to the bottom, others will evaporate. 

However, it seems to me that one previous candidate has been consistent in his political life:  John Kasich. Former Ohio Gov. Kasich has performed responsibilities with honor, character, and kindness. This is NOT an endorsement.

This is  an example of what politics
should be: caring for residents' needs, hold true to your beliefs, communicate with your state. 

Show Kindness to those who are part of the state. Be trustworthy. Be consistent.

But Kindness?

My sister Mary lives in Columbus, Ohio.  A dear friend had two sons dying from untreatable genetic diseases.  The older son had already died, and young “Mike” was not far from him.  Mary and others helped with all the chores that slide by the wayside.

                                                                          At a townhall
Gov. Kasich read or heard or…about “Mike”.  Kasich began regular visits (once a week maybe) with this family.  He sat down and held the boy’s hand; shared jokes, laughed; and, Gov. Kasich prayed with him.

No photographers or newspaper reporters around.  

When Mike died, Gov. Kasich gave a touching eulogy in a small church, without TV station vans, local news…none.

I seriously doubt that many candidates, GOP or DNC, could write “Kindness” on their resumes.

  This isn't an election promo (altho it could be taken as such); it is simply a telling of how a man did what he could for a dying child. Kindness.

Have you heard of other candidates freely donating their time without publicity? 
This is a repost of 2016.