Monday, August 19, 2019

On Sandstone Cliffs

For as long as man has lived along the California coast, cliffs have risen high over the sandy beaches, age old cliffs. Now, out on the waves, surfers swim out and surfed in while beaches were busy with families, sand castles, and swimmers. It is the typical California heaven, of which the Beach Boys sang.

Meanwhile the cliffs became a place for the wealthy to perch their mansions. It was a primo place, highly desired.

Decades ago grains of sands that drifted from the cliffs to beach became hunks of sandstone. Bit by bit, the crumbling began. While the cliffs were disintegrating, the El Nino effect hit the beaches hard, worldwide. The cliffs crumbled at an accelerated rate, from the beach up, the cliffs down where they would meet.

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At that time, Dept of California Beaches mandated that beach goers are required to be a distance away from the cliffs. These areas are marked and give warnings. Beach goers are careless and ignore signs. That is why 3 were killed and several injured just ten days ago.  Nature happens and extracts its toll.

One of several warning signs is posted next to the sand rock debris left from Friday's sea cliff collapse that killed three people near the Grandview Beach access stairway in the beach community of Leucadia, Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019, in Encinitas, Calif. A bouquet of flowers has been placed one of the chunks of sand stone. Officials have reopened much of the Southern California beach on Saturday. (Hayne Palmour IV/The San Diego Union-Tribune via AP)
Warning sign
Large ocean storms have pounded the shores. High waves carved out the base of the sand cliffs, forming shallow deep caves. The caves collapse and rockslides happen. This is a tragedy that has happened seven or eight times a year.

Cliffs do not obey the money of the rich. 

Slowly, the cliffs fell until edges were eight feet from the patios, then six feet. The rich owners paid big bucks to prop the whole mess up with steel, concrete, and pilings. But time is time, and they know it.

Several of the buildings were condemned and evacuated in 2010 due to their dangerous proximity to the edge of the bluff. Above, footage from earlier this month as the cliffs crumble into the ocean 
Pacifica, CA August 14, 2019
Go to this source. This collapse is shown in slide show. 
Well, dang it! All those pre-emptive strikes of hoisting up the houses has failed, failed miserably. The rich homes came tumbling down as the caves collapsed. Many still remain but are on precarious footing.

Cliff collapse in Encinitas, California
Three killed, one injured. Visit this site.
Those who build their houses on shifting sand? It doesn't make sense, and people do not possess common sense. 

For the ground bound, who would ignore warning signs and settle onto the shade of the cliffs?  From those people who also lacked common sense, some lounged, looking up to the sky and out to the ocean, not thinking the cliffs behind them were crumbling, grain by grain.

Why this subject erupted is that we went on a bus tour of Malibu yesterday. Off, high up on the cliffs, we could peer at the underside of patios, held in place by timber and steel. Shifting sand.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Families Surround Each Other

Sweet babies bond with sweet dogs:

Dogs sense needs before they are even spoken.

Dogs protect their families. They surround the babies with their love.

And babies surround their dogs with love, too.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Beseeching Light

Theodoor Rombouts (1597-1637) - Prometheus - KMSK Brussel
National Geographic

Indecision, indecision,
Where's the rhythm
Of precision?
For those who lack the sight
To make the cut 
That ends the night.

We are Prometheus
on a wheel,
Revolving in a world
doomed to twist and turn 
and weave
in an endless sea of make believe.

Send to us a Man of Might,
Whose strength
will save us from our plight,
Whose courage
will lift us from our lair,

And will restore to us

The need to care.

The dark night has a thousand eyes
Glittering in the night.
The day has only one 
Burning, scorching our sight. 
The dark night has a thousand eyes

While a blind man has none.