Monday, January 31, 2022

Why did you marry Grandpa?


NGC 3432 spiral galaxy, as seen by Hubble

 ..or maybe it should read, "Another reason why I married my husband".

(Reference note: Grandma, why did you marry Grandpa?
AND   Sunshine and the Solar System)

I was sitting here, content to check out blogs and make comments.

John had taken the telescope out to back yard (there was no yard, just a pool which was seldom used after our progeny left).
  He came running in, "Quick.  You gotta see this!  Jupiter's moons are lined up, and you can even see..."

I told him, "Just a minute, okay?"

"No, you gotta come now.  These things move out of focus really fast!"

Jupiter with its moons

So we ran out back, and he refocused the telescope.

There shone Jupiter with striations of orange and brown, with three of its moons in a line, and one shy moon snuggled in just beneath Jupiter.

Jupiter moving closer to Venus, with the Moon looking on

Awe struck.  That's what it  was.  Then I looked at John; his face was lit up like a child sharing a special toy with a special person.

And that's another reason why I married my husband.

 This is a re-post of April 2012. 

Friday, January 28, 2022

Four on the Course


Ball rolling into the hole. Photo of Golf Ball rolling into the hole stock photos 

Made it 

  When Evan dropped dead in front of his golfing foursome, Frank responded quickly.

With his brand new MyJoy shoes, he nudged Evan, and turned him over.  “Damn!” Frank cursed, “Now I have grass stains.  Damn.”

Clem interrupted. “Well, you did insist on a morning tee-off time.”

All looked down at Evan’s still body.

Jack spoke up. “Who will be our fourth?!  It isn’t likely Evan will be regenerated anytime soon.”

Frank shook his head.  “No help for it.  Let’s head back to the clubhouse.  We’ll tell the Front Desk about Evan.” He nudged Evan once more with a heavy sigh.

This was a Wednesday Words Post, posts July 2015. Was reposted in 2018.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Are you being served?

When you hear that "Are you being served?" Who or what always made you laugh? Mrs. Slocum? Captain Peacock?

We watched Benny Hill after the kids went to bed, occasionally. He was unique and was a definite personal taste.  How he would survive in the current social atmosphere? Well, now. We know. We know.


Finally1996, the end of an era
The clip below is or may be the final episode which of course involves women and Benny.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Don't Look Up


Don't Look Up

 YouTube. Politics at play:  President  expects the audience to agree. Meryl Streep is Madame President, who is scales down the danger, eyes on the numbers, hopes for good numbers in the re-election. Don't look up!  is an oft-repeated command. If she said that often and loudly enough, her nation would believe it.  She is one darn crazy, devious president.

Telling someone, "Don't look up!" almost always makes that someone look up. In fact, everyone around that person will also look up.

Would you? Sure, and I would, too. ONCE. 

This movie is "Don't Look Up!"

Here is a synopsis, which says everything I would want to say, but can't:

Astronomy student Kate discovers the existence of an unidentified comet. Her professor, Dr Mindy, calculates that the trajectory of the asteroid crosses that of the Earth and that an impact will take place in about six months, killing all life in the process. They travel to the White House to present their findings. However The White House has other plans and are trying to silence Dr Mindy and Kate. In their attempt to inform the population through a television program, nothing really changes. Nobody seems interested and they will soon find out why.
Frank Liesenborgs <>

Each YouTube video is between 3 to 5 minutes.

This film is chock a block with some really top-notch actors. Each is particularly gifted in improvisation and the film has some comedic acting and improv.  The video above is well-done synopsis. Those who are upset at a spoiler need to know: it is all predictable with a whole lot of funny.


Saturday, January 22, 2022

Science Fairs, success or not


No one had been injured…that was important to remember.  As hindsight with spectacular telescopic vision showed, the procedure had not been smooth in its execution.

Science Fair Booth 206 wanted to create floating incandescent orbs by using plasma globes with various neon gases within, connected to stacks of framed sheets of copper. Then five car batteries would be connected, the switch thrown, and Bob's your uncle.

Many scientific safety protocols and principles were not applied here. Booths 206 through 210 were not occupied at the time, except for little Billy in his booth 206.  
Booths 206 through 210 were blown sky high, along with Billy and his volcano project. After all was cleared, Billy could not be found. His fair partner Wendell said that he had heard Billy's whoops and hollers.
"He seemed really happy," Wendell added.

This is a Wed. Words writing challenge from 2018. Underlined words were via Delores, who has retired and Elephant's Child is now providing the words in the future. 


Thursday, January 20, 2022

Wash my hair with snow....

Photos from those in snowy frozen land are incredible. Beautiful, white, crystalline snow glistens in the early Winter season. 

 Winter is all good until February hits.(I personally feel that February is the hell of winter.). But, until then, this post is a reminder that at least Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera Ellen anticipated the joy of snow. Didn't happen (!), but oh it was something else later on.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Fame Goes at the Fall

 red carpet and barrier red carpet and golden barrier 3d rendering image red carpet premiere stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

 It was time for yet another illustrious Hollywood affair, complete with the fabled Red Carpet and pushy paparazzi.  Click!  Click!  Snap!  Flash!  Those were the sounds and flashes that tickle the hopefuls with hopes of fame.

Then cameras turned as another black limo braked at the foot of the Red Carpet.  The door opened as long shapely legs stretched out. Gabriela Chance emerged into the flashing lights, a statuesque beauty, the Flavor of the week in a world of gorgeous actresses.

Gabriela Chance displayed her fantastic Atwood psychedelic boots, laced to mid-thigh….”

“Gabriela Chance is wearing a marvelously stunning design by....

She sauntered down the Carpet, smiling, blowing kisses as reporters called out to her.
The prestigious event was going so well, until Gabriela Chance tripped, falling against the glamorous actress in front of her, who toppled into the next. 

Eventually  twelve ever-hopeful beauties ended up sprawled on the Red Carpet.

It was an epic revealing fashion mishap moment for all. Click! Click! 

On hands and knees, attempting to rise gracefully, Gabriela Chance discovered that boots really were made for walking, and precious little else.

 One reporter sighed.  “Another one bites the dust…I hope she has other career options."

This is a repost of May 2015 Wednesday Words, probably one of the earliest posts on that.  There is no Gabriela Chance that I know of, it's a nice name.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Almost, almost


Close-up of golf ball on putting green.

When Evan dropped dead in front of his golfing foursome, Frank responded quickly.

With his brand new Foot Joy shoes, he nudged Evan, and turned him over.  “Damn!” Frank cursed, “Now I have grass stains.  Damn.”

Clem interrupted. “Well, you did insist on a morning tee-off time.”

All looked down at Evan’s still body.

Jack spoke up. “Who will be our fourth?!  It isn’t likely Evan will be regenerated anytime soon.”

Frank shook his head.  “No help for it.  Let’s head back to the clubhouse.  We’ll tell the Front Desk about Evan.” He nudged Evan once more with a heavy sigh.

This was a Wednesday Words Post, posts July 2015. Was reposted in 2018

Friday, January 14, 2022

Valley of the Cheese of the Dead



ssws.jpg  Notice what is printed on the wheel

 Many tourist destinations are popular, overly popular.  When visiting our daughter in Switzerland, we have tried to peer over and around parked tour buses that covered the Alps with vehicles and people.  

But, then, there are other places that would be a surprise all around:  

The Valley of the Cheese of the Dead 

There is no way to describe this village and how honored cheese is. To make it more important, one can have their own cheese that started aging the early part of one's life, then being allowed to continue to age over someone's lifetime. 

 " Zufferey’s home, high in the Swiss mountains of Val d’Anniviers, is one of the last places you’ll find evidence of this peculiar practice—of keeping a wheel of cheese to be eaten at your funeral."

Displaying or discussing this practice, the village, the people, and huge wheels of aged cheese that will be served at your funeral, is impossible to do more than to tell you to visit this site, dedicated to cheese for the dead.

The village of St Luc and the Val d'Anniviers, Valais, Switzerland. 

 Old wheels are stacked on their sides. Since they're completely firm, they won't lose their shape.

 Wheels are resting in a cave, which probably has some very ancient cheeses.

This wheel of cheese was likely a lot larger 149 years ago, but has shriveled due to moisture loss.

149 years old

Ask yourself: Would I do this? Would living with this tradition give your life any more significance? No, probably not. But it would be so cool.

And you thought that Camembert or brie were among the best cheeses going. Ha.


Would you think this sleepy, red geranium lined street was a part of the Valley of the Cheese of the Dead?

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Where did they go? What happened?


 Time passes, people pass, and the world keeps rotating. What trails of their lives are left behind? At least, the trails that can be seen and experienced which are available.

                                                     Belgian Victorian mansion, left in 2015

It is quite an experience to open a door of some abandoned building and see that the owner are gone, not there. Maybe they went to church? Or to see a family member?  Now, that's a trial to explore.

The mansion above is one of those homes to wander through rooms and make some possible scenarios that were part of this trail.  Now, this is long, 50 or so minutes. Scan through the explorative video. 

Life happened here. But, one day, the front door had to close and key turned. This is what was left in a silent house.

 The video above is about long, interesting but fast forwarding to allow you to watch a house that was once loved.

                                YouTube + Doctor's home, 9 min. long

 I follow  FB sites that find, explore, and report on abandoned homes. Some are almost falling in, others are trashy but enjoyable, and then the ones with folded laundry on the bed, table set out with plates.



Monday, January 10, 2022

Were it Not for Grace


2019 to 2021 to ? has left the world with a sense of disorientation. The days? What month?  We are lost in a time conundrum (Star Trek or Galaxy Quest), and no matter how hard we try to break free, we are lost.

 Lost, but then can be found again. We look for lost glasses or keys, intensely. Do we look for what God has given us?  Were it not for God's grace, I would be lost and probably dead, dealing with depression and PTSD.  

Were it not for grace, I would find myself wandering why I was alive. God sent Me salvation--all people can grab God's gift of salvation if they accept it.

Larnelle Harris has a voice that reaches into the listener.



Saturday, January 8, 2022

Ex-Marine can think on his feet.



By the time Pete was through the door, Mz Wanda was on him like a mosquito on a pool of blood.  

 Pete was no fool; painting has made Pete to be wary. He had almost  been stripped by a pole dancer. It did not go well.

The witch came running at him, syringe at the ready, screeching a witchy screech. Pete was ready; being an ex-Marine had honed his senses. 

The battle lasted mere seconds, ending with Mz Wanda lying on the floor. The sedative had taken over and she moaned. Pete pondered his next actions.

Marines think on the run, and Pete did exactly that, moral or not. 

He finished plunging the syringe into her neck, causing her black heart to stutter and stop. Pete wrapped the cold body in tarp, rolled it up. That was when he decided: throw her in the oven.

After the necessary clean-up that was done at top speed, Pete carried the supplies to the door, opening and stepping outside. He hollered back to the empty house, “I’ll come back to start over. Just give me a call.”  Then he stepped away, calling back, “Hope you’ll be feeling better. “

One would think this story was over, but nooo. 

In his truck,he phoned to his business partner.  “Hey, there, Henry.  Well, I took care of that witch. She sure has a nice oven. But, hey, this is the second witch in a month.  Something….” The phone went silent, and nothing would ever be heard of Pete.


Friday, January 7, 2022

Songs made by Clay


 Claymation became a huge success in late 90s, finally hitting the market with "Chicken Run" in 2000. It seems it is a child movie, but no. Themes and characters are complicated  to grab parents this time. Children will still enjoy, but will miss the stuff that makes us giggle.

Claymation came about in the 1837, why or how I don't know. In 1937 when Disney was experimenting with it, Snow White. Then, the creator was Sir Nicholas Park with a long string of successful creations. Sir Park and his talented crew made some crazy good stuff.

One of Ray Harryhausen's early works, 1950s?

                                                        Chicken Run, 2000   about 3 minutes

                                     Wallace and Grommet, Cheese on the Moon, about 3 minutes

Christmas movies got a big boost by the technology that was part of this. Frosty? Rudolph? Yes, those were the early years.

Get out some play doh or whatever clay, see what you can do.  Make a few to improve.  You can do this.

I recommend that you watch bits as each adds up to 3 minutes. I would personally watch them all, from frame to frame, because the art and talent are incredible. 



Wednesday, January 5, 2022

What happens in Febrary?

 February is exceptional long, even for such a month as February.  What good stuff happens in February, minus Valentine's Day. So, what can we find that is wonderful and that happens in February? Well, I'll tell you: Precious little happens in February.

Punky Old Broad's Day:
Do they qualify?
What other special days can be discovered?
 Some amazing and incredible days happen in February. There are the ones that affirm we still recognize what needs to be on this list:

World Cancer Day        World Day of Social Justice    World Peace and Understanding Day    National Autism Day    National Missing Persons Day National Freedom Day (from Slavery)   
There are many other days that have importance in history and social development. They are select days that can take away darkness:
Global Movie Day     National  Cabbage Day    National Tater Tot Day    National Shower with a Friend Day     National Iowa Day    Do a Grouch a Favor Day 
 These are just a few of tame February days, and believe me, there are some very strange ones.
                                      10 Weirdest foods worldwide
                                                        February 6th
              International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
                                 In Muslim countries "become a woman"

 So there you have it: Strange Days Worldwide. Each video is about 3 minutes. Fast Forward whenever.
Leap year, as sung by Kevin Kline

This is from Pirates of Penzance about Leap Year.

Good Hunting

 From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by.....

From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by, remembering sadly her lovely forest home.  A forest fire had raged and taken her ancient house, with the only safe place to hide was behind an old iron stove. At least the movers moved it and set it up.

Sigh, so many memories…

Today Wanda was waiting for the painter, whom she had hired from a town 200 miles away, to come and cover the hideous pale blue kitchen walls with bright swirls and stripes. How can anyone stand such blandness, no excitement, no taste?

Wanda rocked and gazed through the screened in-balcony, seeing neighbors was along the street in front of what was now her home.  A jogger, who was drinking bottle water…well, he's a bit stringy! Tsk. Tsk. 

Then a muscular man walking his miniature poodle strolled by.  My, he’s burned off every bit of fat…  He waved at Wanda, as she called out, “Hello, dearie!”

Then the mailman who walked briskly, no time to linger…then the old woman with walker, skin sagging from her bones…

Finally, a rusty truck braked in front of her house, and “Painter Pete” stepped out.  “Howdy there, Mz Wanda!  I’m runnin’ a bit late, but…”  Wanda had ceased listening to his prattle.  She was instead noticing fat buttocks, portly love handles, a pudgy gut, and massive possibilities. 

“Come right in, Mr. Pete!  I have been waiting for you!”

Yes, Wanda had been waiting.  The oven was hot, the cleaver sharpened, and a hypodermic heavy duty sedative waiting.  Knocking someone out with an iron shovel was so old school.

Don't you just love Cloris Leachman?

This collection of  Photo Challenges is being provided by Defending the Pen. The word # is to be 100-200 words. My word count is 257, oh well. I didn't follow those directions.

It is a re-post of 2015 April, I think.