Friday, January 7, 2022

Songs made by Clay


 Claymation became a huge success in late 90s, finally hitting the market with "Chicken Run" in 2000. It seems it is a child movie, but no. Themes and characters are complicated  to grab parents this time. Children will still enjoy, but will miss the stuff that makes us giggle.

Claymation came about in the 1837, why or how I don't know. In 1937 when Disney was experimenting with it, Snow White. Then, the creator was Sir Nicholas Park with a long string of successful creations. Sir Park and his talented crew made some crazy good stuff.

One of Ray Harryhausen's early works, 1950s?

                                                        Chicken Run, 2000   about 3 minutes

                                     Wallace and Grommet, Cheese on the Moon, about 3 minutes

Christmas movies got a big boost by the technology that was part of this. Frosty? Rudolph? Yes, those were the early years.

Get out some play doh or whatever clay, see what you can do.  Make a few to improve.  You can do this.

I recommend that you watch bits as each adds up to 3 minutes. I would personally watch them all, from frame to frame, because the art and talent are incredible. 




  1. I've seen almost every fantasy film that Harryhausen animated. Certainly seen most of Nick Park's creations. Wallace and Gromit are awesome.

  2. I adore Wallace and Gromit. We have them on DVD and watch them (with immense pleasure) from time to time.

  3. I must have slept thru all this. But I did like the first one, Dinosaurs interest me. Not sure about ladies with snakes out of their heads and 6 armed me. LOL
    Thanks for the entertainment, although very crazy!!
    Jack & Sherry,!

  4. I am amazed at the work that goes into that sort of animation. I can't imagine.

  5. Ray Harryhausen was a favorite, he did fabulous work for the time.

  6. I love claymation. Wallace and Grommit movies are especially fun. This would be fun to show the grands and then make our own playdoh creations! Thanks for the idea.


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