Monday, October 31, 2016

Joy of Pumpkins

English pumpkin field

Already stores are setting out Christmas decor.  No more ghosts or witches haunt stores. Halloween night is a few hours away, so best hurry, get the good candy (chocolate for yourself, and Jolly Rogers) before ragged monsters and fairy princesses knock at your door.

But, for little children, there is no bigger joy than sitting on one’s first pumpkin.  And we adults are awed by their smiles. Oh, sure, they like the candy, but sitting on a pumpkin will always be a photo op, a fond memory.

It takes just one pumpkin experience to remind us how marvelous creation is and how utterly awesome is God who created it all.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Wed.Words: Passion

Angel readings

There were two types of people crammed in an elevator heading to fifth floor: those who smiled, nodding; and those who huffed with condemnation.

Stuffed tightly as in a jar like a jar of pickles, people were heading to the top where a conference on “Passion for Christ” was being held.  A grandmother holding her grandson’s hand was also attending.  The huffing group glared at her tattoo of an angel wrapping up her arm.

In actuality only a few held that passion for Christ, Grandmother being one of them.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Monster Mash

One knows that Halloween is at its end when all Halloween stuff has left Lowe's, and Christmas stuff is in its place.

So, as a last homage to Halloween, this is given to you:

To you and Halloween monsters knocking at your door, Happy Hallowed 'eve.

Monday, October 24, 2016

There she was, just walkin' down the street....

Image result for stiletto shoes
There she was, crossing safely in the pedestrian walk.  While I sat, idling in my conservative car, I found little to do, except to watch this woman make her way slowly to the curb, leaving her car a few houses up.

She was someone no one could ignore, including a car beside me.

Wearing stiletto shoes, glossy black with red soles and heels, she understood how to wear these shoes.  She strutted, proudly so. Legs were white--almost un-naturally white—and they were long and lean. 

Legs led up to short black skirt, so short that her butt cheeks peeked out below. They were white, skin was white even there.  And she wore a clinging red sweater outlining full breasts.  No fat hung off her, a black patent leather belt cinched an already tiny waist.

Her face, oh that face. It was white, so white, with blood red lipstick spread on heavily on full thick lips. That was when she turned her head to gaze defiantly at me and other moms watching from their cars.

She tossed black glossy hair, teased high and out.  Midnight black eye shadow with massacre framed pale blue eyes.

Carrying a metal storage clipboard, she glanced down at a paper, then at the street sign.  Finally, she reached the sidewalk, and strode down into a residential area, walking past family homes.
We all drove on, heading to pick up our school children. Catching each other’s eyes, we realized what we had seen: a street walker, walking down the street.

 She had an appointment to keep.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Rock 'n Roll, full of sin, die and go to hell!

1950s was an amazing time in every sense.  My parents and all that generation witnessed growth beyond their expectations.

What remains unchanging is fascination with Rock 'n Roll, its beginning and growth.  The following video is about 7 minutes long, but watch some of it and smile. Awesome interjections by preachers and judges.

From YouTube

Do you remember any of this? How old were you then? What did your parents say? 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Second Annual Lobster Festival, Murrieta, CA

First Annual Lobster Festival, 2015
Sunday, October 7-9, 2016, marked the Second Annual Lobster Festival in Murrieta, California. It was a rousing success by all, including ourselves.

Where did all those find their way to our community? Murrieta is far as it gets from Maine. Air fare to ship that many lobsters is staggering.

One day of attendance

There were too many lobster vendors to count.  Lobster mac & cheese?  You got it, over there.  Lobster with butter?  Cajun Lobster? Over there, buddy. Lobster gumbo? Same place 

Dig in!
Everywhere.  And, what was impressive, was the huge steam tank into which live lobsters were dumped. And then young men carried tubs of freshly steamed lobster over to the vendors. For more info, please access this site, Web site.

Happy people
Granddaughter Lily was ready for it all.  “Just don’t get in my way…”  Granddaughter Clara was “Ah.  I’ve had enough of it all.”

Somehow a petting zoo was worked into the festivities, and was ringed with children.  Clara’s time finally came.  Clara petted goats, sheep, pigs, chickens—all the usual. Chickens were amazing.  I have never seen a chicken stand quietly, let alone be touched. I believed firmly that those animals had had a dose of sedatives.

Lily returned, saying, “Steer Clara away from here, before she sees…”  the dancing chickens on Hawaiian Dancing Chicken Grill BBQ.

It was too late, Clara was there, sobbing.  “They killed them! They murdered innocent chickens.”

Clara sobbed all the way to the car.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Veronica Darling: About Me

Veronica Darling: About Me: Hi! Welcome to my blog, where I write about sewing, crafting, DIY-ing and living in Shanghai! I'm an Australian, living in China's...

You have to check out this site if you sew.  Which I do.  Love this.


Caravan Parks following WW11 were immensely popular.  After a time of rationing and doing-without, a park providing comfortable housing and entertainment along a river or ocean was welcome. Families visited these parks in droves.

An English mystery, George Gently, had an episode that centered around a death in one of these parks.  The time period of this episode was in the late 1960s, when cars were more available, allowing families to drive themselves to all sorts of places.  This particular park was on the down slide.

In Ireland, Hazel and her family had a standing reservation, year after year, at one park...only no murders were part of the holiday experience. While her children and husband enjoyed this park, Hazel was not/is not as woman who sits around tea and gossips.  Mindless conversation is not/was not her interest.

In 1984, our family was traveling around Ireland, Wales, and England.  We spent one week at a simlar camp in Wales.  Compact holiday houses (not caravans) were comfortable with all the facilities available.

Later in 1987, we visited another such park in Ireland, Trabolgan Cork. (You must access that site, by clicking on the underlined words.  You will love the advertisement!). Great times there. Just the break we needed.

Trabolgan Cork

Friday, October 14, 2016

Wed. Words: Same old, same old

UK Caravan park

A cheerful welcome representative of “Sunny Side Caravan Park” escorted the Phillips family to their favorite trailer, so darn cheerful Hazel wanted to choke her. Then she cheerfully bounced off to greet another group while Hazel wished obesity in her future.

Jimmy Phillips was already in his swim shorts, snagging some biscuits from his mom’s food supply on his way to the brisk northwestern English beach.

Hazel stood in this worn moldy caravan where her family trudged every single summer holiday for the past 15 years, and wished to be under sunny skies, somewhere, anywhere but here.

Already gossip from Greta and Dorothy had begun whose caravans were on either side of hers. Same old, same old. From the beach, boys were arguing, with her own son caught in the crossfire of insults.

Husband Roddy was already at the “Bully Bar”, into his second pint.  Same old, same old.  Hazel pulled a bottle of Jamison from her bag.  As sunset folded into dusk, Hazel strolled down to the beach while tea/supper was being served.  A first sip eased through her, Hazel smiled. Same old, same old.

Have a great UK family holiday here at Pontins, check out our 6 UK holiday parks!

My friend Hazel and family went to a park like this every summer.  While the drinking was not park of her life, this comes close.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Things to Do in a Doctor's Consulting Room

comes in three colors

You are waiting in a Dr.'s consulting room, surrounded by posters of body parts. There are interesting brochures about diabetes, prostrate exams, and flu shots. Generic muted watercolor paintings hang somewhere. You have a cell phone to use with no restrictions.  Candy Crush is delightful. Time will pass.

Oh, but find yourself in a specialist's room. 

My last appointment with my neurologist showed me a huge difference.  Gray-ish walls in a barren room, with no visual stimulation at all, suffocation drops heavily.  No cell phone usage, either.  Too many electronic machines, absolutely important machines.  No clock, time will seize up.

There is an implicit message: Do Not Touch. Interesting canisters, holding interesting stuff, cabinets are locked: Do not touch.

                     These are activities I have used:  

Tap dancing, sit on that plastic chair and make your feet fly.  Fix a song in your head and have at it.  Tusk from the album, Tusk by Fleetwood Mac is a favorite. Be original. Go with  it.

Make sure to not touch any paper covered space on that rolling cart, staff gets ready pissy about that. Instead, roll that cart (which is holding a few instruments) around the room.  Slowly, of course, but you could make several passes in five minutes. Don't touch the paper.

That rolling stool?  That thing is fast, amazingly fast. It swivels rapidly, so you have to be careful with that one.  Be sure to lift your feet up, so you don’t get tangled up with the rollers. Don't touch any paper, even casually .

Pretend to use that grey and hard table to play an imaginary drumAvoid the paper.  This is good for arm muscles.  Be sure to drum with convincing force.

Search for studs in the wall.  Odd, but trying to hang pictures in plaster board often leaves a row of nail holes. Stud finding is an art. There is no danger of paper-touching.

I can’t think of anything else, as the doctor entered gray prison room when I was still checking for studs.  I had found one possible stud, but lacking a hammer and nail, this could not be confirmed.

Good luck.

3 Easy Ways on How To Find Studs

Friday, October 7, 2016

Wed.Words...Tracing Home


After I married and left my rural hometown, distance between my memories and actuality expanded, creating a hazy bubble of sweet recollections, locked in a warmth of happiness.  

Wading in cold creeks, climbing up to the hay loft, and throwing bizarre mixtures of manure and mud at each other were all part of curious times at farm childhood.

After years of absence, driving through my hometown, reality was brutal as degeneration of home and stores collided with visions of childhood.

“Over there, that rubble…Evans and Vernice Franklin lived there…their house had a big porch…!  And there…that was the post office where we visited with Patty Chamberlain…the windows are boarded up!...”

We turned left at the cemetery and drove up a mile or so to where my folks lived. I was filled with adrenaline when we pulled into that familiar driveway.  Mom opened the screen door, waving a dishtowel.  Dad walked from his old barn, his hat tilted to the side. 

Kitchen porch

Here, at least, a bubble still remained, unburst.

Since that time, my folks are dead and the farm is owned by another farmer.  The house is gone, replaced by a new house, which is good.  Our old house was very old, built in the mid-1800s. Time moves on.

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