Monday, October 22, 2012

The Scientific Method of Problem Solving

“Question! Always question!”
Form a hypothesis.
Search for the answer.
Think about what has been discovered.
Decide based on facts.
Conclusion drawn.
 The Scientific Process in action.

Remember to Vote on Nov. 6
(only if you happen to be American)



  1. Well that lets me out lol. Never mind, we are having our own political dilemma at the moment. Our premier has decided to step down.

  2. Well I guess it beats eenie meanie minie moe haha

  3. Dear Susan, I find myself really frightened about what might be the outcome of this election. Peace.

  4. Hard to believe the last debate is tonight and the election two weeks away. Seems like November was so far away less than a month ago.

  5. I question everything and only believe half the answers. HA!

  6. We had a local election here on Saturday. And now, we will have a minority government - but which of the major parties takes government is very much up for grabs. Sigh.
    And yes, I am a questioner. I don't always (often?) get answers though.


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