Friday, October 26, 2012

People who Make a Difference

Why this?

Common universal themes are the ones that grab me when I read a book or a blog.  The questions most frequently addressed are:  WHY me?  WHY this?  WHY now?
As a writer, I try to weave a thread of humor through my writing.  That is how I handle the hard answers to the hard questions.  Humor keeps me from spiraling inward.  How do other bloggers/writers handle those same questions?

Klahanie uses satire and uses it well. 
The precise use of words make Delores’ blog a pleasure to read.

Irony and no-punches-held-back are employed by Melynda
Deep introspection and wisdom are from Dee.

Arlee ties his writing together with guitar strings and dreams.
Roaring into the wind is Pearl with grounded humor.

Taking in and breathing out is Elephant’s Child.
Arlene shapes her world to show her inner beauty.

Joanna/Cup on the Bus reflects on the past and connects it to the present.
That rascal, Pat Hatt, portrays himself as the human servant to his cats.

Elisa  has talent over-flowing, organizes us all to produce anthologies.
Jen Chandler always gives me a great perspective on life.

Rick/Life 101 reflects on his life, his interests, and his family.
Zoanna/Penchant for Pens shares her love of faith, family, and poetry.
Erin/Hold onto your Bloomers entertains me with her observations and humor.

My list is much longer, for there are many bloggers who have enriched my life.  How about you?  Do you have those universal questions and bloggers who have helped explore the answers?


  1. I think I read several blogs that use universal themes. It's important for readers to connect to and part of what keeps the, coming back either to your own blog or you to theirs. Have a terrific Friday!

  2. I prefer blogs where people relate their wisdom to their lives. I like reading about people.

  3. That was a great weave, know many of them. Yes, I have to bow down to the cat. I enjoy most all perspectives because it makes me think and gives me new views. Plus it's nice to learn and see other places too.

  4. Follow a few of those myself plus many others, including your own, that enrich my life.

  5. Thank you so much for the mention
    , wow, who knew my lil ole blog would make. Difference
    , i enjoy yours a lo too. And i will be back to check out these others you described. A noteworthy reason to read each one!

    1. Whoa. My last comment makes me cringe. I hate typing on the ipad

  6. To Pat, Zoanna, Delores, Jaye, and Summer:

    Connecting to other bloggers on a human level, where we all share the interests/passions/experiences/POV, is what makes blogging so wonderful.

  7. Dear Susan, thank you for including me among the bloggers you enjoy. I include you also for the reason you yourself gave--that you wrap deep messages in the mantle of humor and the long view of life. That's a talent you know. I'm glad you appreciate it in yourself. By the way, when are you going to add to your family stories of your other blog? I so appreciate those stories and the members of your historical family. Peace.

  8. How nice of you to mention me (Arleen). I really appreciate your kind words. You know that I am one of your biggest fans/followers and always enjoy reading your very well written posts.

    It is true that we connect with certain people and their thoughts out here in the Land of Blog. I try not to miss many of the ones you mentioned as I have gotten to know them by their words and the kindness that I see in them. There are so many that I love to read because of how they lay their heart and humor out there for all to see. One of them is Going Gently by a wonderful man named John Grey who is a farmer and a nurse and lives in a town called Trelawnyd, Wales. His self depreciating humor, his big heart, his interesting animals and neighbors spin a story that I am addicted to reading every morning. (Gee, I wish I knew how to set up a link like you do).

    To be mentioned in your list with all those other wonderful bloggers is quite an honor. This has been a difficult day for me and you kindly raised my spirits.

  9. Like my blog, the blogs I read are all over the place. My favorites range from Dee's introspective and so beautifully written posts ~ to Puddles, who happens to be a Dachshund with a language all her own and a terrific sense of humor.

    I really admire what you did with this post, I think it will make me look at the blogs I read with more discernment.

  10. Thank you so much for including me in this list. Many of these blogs I follow myself, as I do yours, filled with awe and wonder.
    The only answer I have to the why me series of questions sounds flippant and feels profound. Why not?
    What will happen, does. My question is not why me, but how am I going to deal with it. And a black sense of humour helps. A lot. As does an eye for the beauty in the world. And there is a lot of it.
    I am not off to visit the blogs you mentioned that I don't already know.

    1. Such a rude typo. I am NOW off to visit the blogs you mentioned. Now and not are quite close on the keyboard and a million miles from each other in reality.

  11. A great tribute to your fellow bloggers, Susan!

  12. You are so sweet. Thanks for mentioning me here too ;)

  13. Hi Susan,

    What a kind and thoughtful posting. I was honoured that you would include me in that fine list of bloggers, many I have had the great privilege of interacting with. And of course, the positive and encouraging, supportive interaction that you share with me, Susan. Indeed, your posting is an ideal I embrace. All of us sharing and caring within the great blogging community.

    One thing I might note. Although greatly appreciated, the link you put up in regards to my site, doesn't work. My blog is actually named "klahanie".

    Thank you, Susan and have a most peaceful weekend.

    Gary :)


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