Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Words

So here I am, at my daughter's house, waiting for my granddaughers to get out of school.  Looking around the living room shows me their world and personalities.  These are the words I am tossing out to you for a 50 word flash fiction write.  See what  you can create using all or some of these words!

bear     penguin      butterfly     book      chalkboard
                   Doll        ribbon

What occurs to you?  Give it a whirl!


  1. She walked to the chalkboard, aware of the eyes following her and the barely audible giggles. "Write a vivid childhood memory", the teacher had instructed. The classroom disappeared as she remembered afternoons in her grandmother's swing, reading her favorite book (her place marked with a sky blue ribbon)to her china doll, stuffed penguin, and her best old bear. Childhood seemed to stretch out ahead of her forever...adulthood elusive as a butterfly...

  2. Well, that was interesting! Certainly got me "out of my box" for a few minutes! Thank you so much for visiting me, dear, and yes ~ Sikeston...Throwed roll??

    1. My parents ate at a restaurant in Sikeston,MO, and this is what they called it. Is there such there?

  3. Come visit me and we'll go to Lamberts!

  4. my mind is too foggy, i should have looked at this earlier today--great idea though :)

  5. The doll dangled by a ribbon from the bear's smiling maw. Mr. Penguin watched stoically from his perch beside the chalkboard. Bright eyes skipped in wearing butterfly wings, armed with a book, ready for her 15 minutes of silent reading. "Sunshine, you've been busy."

  6. A bear reads a book
    A Penguin takes a look
    A butterfly finds it off the hook
    That doll is a real crook

    She stole a chalkboard
    Even swore at the lord
    The final nail
    That landed her in jail

    Was when she was caught when fibbin'
    All thanks to a picture caught of her ribbon

  7. Too hard tonight. Perhaps tomorrow. Great choices though.

    1. My granddaughters are a wealth of inspiration.


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