Thursday, October 25, 2012

Westerns and Dreams Fulfilled

From me:

A drifter brushed dust from his chaps and squinted at the line of Mexican tile over the cantina door.  “This’ll do.”  He strode through the doorway as an antique piano played.   He noticed photos of Pat Garrett and Billy.  “Damn you, Billy.”  The drifter left, thirst unquenched.

This writing no way implies that Mr. Eastwood did such in any movie.

From Delores:

Crystal was dreaming of a place where her skills would be valued.  Cloaked in white, she glided down a narrow trail in to a misty world of wishful thinking.

This photo comes Dawn at See*Photo*Write


  1. Eastwood would have shot them all, got his drink then left haha

  2. Lovely use of both sets of words. I must get thinking about your words.

  3. Nice work. And I like the pictures you chose!

  4. I love them both. Illustrated no less. Thank you.


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