Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just You Wait


Once a young woman,
I shopped alone with a confidence
Almost pride
That I was an adult,
Ready to take on a wifely role.

Once a young mother,
I put the children in the cart
And looked at my coupons,
Put away stray candy treats.
I looked at those young women alone.
“Just you wait.”

Once a mother of teens,
I pushed a heavy full cart
With gallons of milk, a few bags of
Potato chips/crisps,
And food for a giant refrigerator.
I looked at those young mothers with little ones.
“Just you wait.”

Now a grandmother,
I push a light cart with
Sugar-free, low-fat, full-fiber
I look at the other women,
With their struggles, their lives,
And their growing children.
“This will all pass much too quickly.
Just you wait.”


  1. Life does fly by, giving us many moments. At least you built some muscle pushing those carts haha

  2. You could have added pushing the cart for stability, too. As in, "I'll push the cart," to your daughter.

  3. Dear Susan, you are so talented--and so wise. Peace.

  4. Yes indeed...just you wait....there is always a surprise just over the horizon.

  5. You said it, my friend! And I"m not even a grandmother yet!

  6. Joanne Norgon is (sadly) right about pushing the dratted cart for stability. Relying on something as notoriously cantankerous as a shopping trolley is very sad. But I do.


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