Friday, February 19, 2021

The Falcon


While James appeared to be non-chalant to the point of being flippant at this sad funeral, his insides churned with the anxiety that consumed him.  No one would have ferreted out the source of his distress except Emilia, precious Emilia.

And she lay in the coffin.  Emilia.  How James had loved her.  She held the essence of beauty even now, cold in death. 

Just days before, when truth had come speeding through her understanding, Emilia had faced him.  “It was you!  You poisoned me over time, with mercury.  Why?  Why?”

James stepped out from shadowed staircase.  

”Simple, my love.  You are the only one who truly understood me.  Others labeled me ‘arrogant’, but you knew, you knew…”  

With a final gasp, Emilia crumbled to the floor. 

What was James' secret?  Why did he poison
                                            Emilia?  What.....

This is a repost from June 2014, with underlined Wednesday Words. The words come from Elephant's Child:

fates, warning, armored, saint, dynasty; wolfheart, serenity, dream, theater, voyager Go there, read what some have written, and then your own creation.

I am still disabled by a nasty surgery on my left hand.  I won't be responding to any comments, but go ahead and post something. It will make me happy. And God knows some good feelings.

Tom Conway was a film noir film star, playing detectives.  He is James.

I can't respond to comments .  I am in a world of pain.


  1. so sorry about the pain, hope you heal quickly and the pain goes away

  2. Love today's salute to Film Noir! I hope your hand isn't giving you too much pain and heals quickly from the surgery.

  3. WOW, this is sorta odd. As I read this I looked over at my sweetheart's monitor and se is reading an obit of a person named Emmie short for Emuel.
    Anyway good read.

  4. Since there were absolutely no clues it is hard to find a motive. I am wishing for your pain to become bearable and then gone.

  5. I do hope your surgery was successful. And yes, I would poison anyone who really knew me too (before they poisoned me).

  6. I hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  7. I'm so sorry you're going through the crappy part of healing but when it's healed I hope you have a better hand! I just got the diagnosis of bilateral carpal tunnel and having a similar pain in my hand as you I'm assuming that surgery is in my future. Love your stories and always want more! Rest and take your pain meds and I'll keep you in my prayers to get through this recovery time.

  8. I hope your hand feels much better soon. I would also love to know why James poisoned her, when she was the only one who understood him.

  9. Such a sad, scary story.

    Praying the pain subsides and you heal up well and quickly.

  10. Ah it's often the ones close to you in the stories, isn't it? Drat that James!


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