Sunday, February 7, 2021

Book of Kells


YouTube, about 6 min. long. skip a lot

This is considered to be pivotal to Irish history in the 17th century. 


  1. pretty cool looking and I love drums, all things drums, i feel like dancing around

  2. Not sure of the writing on the screen. I could not recognize any words. Possibly the 'font' used or actually a foreign language to me. Gaelic?
    But despite my hearing I still want to visit. I know it will be a 'problem'. My grandson and his wife did a week there staying in Irish homes and had a problem understanding so I am sure I would. I had a couple shipmates 'all Irish' I loved their singing... Do all Irish sing? ;-) (or just the drinkers?)

  3. PS: I keep being drawn to the side bar, the Nebo '55 shot makes me smile. Got a new Chevy on the right and a '50 Merc and 50 Chevy truck, love that. It is my childhood. We did get snow 1-2 times a year. LOL

  4. This is stunning. It takes my breath away. The drum is powerful. Carries you along. OH, the art!


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