Monday, February 22, 2021

A Journey through Numbers

As the room moves when I do, my brain is left behind.  I know I want to write something thoughtful and meaningful, but those words are out dancing.

Sitting here in my husband’s new office, I am surrounded by his books.  They are for the most part lined up in a topical way.  But this row?

God Created the Integers---

The Mathematical Experience

Journey through Genius

Calculus: Early Transcendental Functions

Moby Dick

Photons & Atoms

The Twelve Caesars

Voyage to the Heart of Matter

Twelve Best Games of Chess

Acoustic Rock Guitar Bible

A View of the Universe

Paradigms Lost

Poems of Emily Dickinson


How Math Expands the World

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth

The Persian Experiment

The Quantum Story

Danger of the Dragons

Killing Patton

Complex Variables

German (Language) Made Simple 

As a post requiring thought, this one is simply looking in the mind and at the bookshelves of my beloved. What have you learned about math?

Forget that! What have you learned about the titles of the books and the authors? Did you recognize any title and authors?

When we moved from old place to new place, we had to cull through John's massive collection. Fortunately his collection of books on Chemistry are a little slim.

This is a repost from 2017. My husband's library is still a royal mess.


  1. The collection is impressive and yes I do recognize titles and authors but frankly math and my brain are not ever...have never...been on the same page. I can add and subtract and multiply and divide. I know how to measure for cooking and baking. After that...well I guess I'll just have my much smarter in math hubby help me! Oh, and I can read the numbers on the scale and frankly think that those numbers can't possibly be correct! Ha! Take care!

  2. That is indeed a mix. I need to find that rock guitar Bible.

  3. Very impressive! Your husband has a very interesting mind. I know of some of these books and have read one.

    Most of what many read today is downloaded. No dusting needed, but something wonderful is lost.

  4. I've read three of those works -- Moby-Dick, Emily Dickinson poetry, and Sherlock Holmes. I'm thinking of re-reading Moby-Dick. I must be a masochist.

  5. Math, my favorite subject in school (as far as I went). I KNOW the formulas I needed to build that was my extent after dropping out. Of course I recognized Moby Dick, I am almost positive that is the only book listed that I have met. ;-). Oh wait, I like Dickenson have read some of her work. I may have read a little of Sherlock, but not that one,

    This one made me think.
    Love from a wet NC
    Sherry & jack

  6. That really is an interesting bunch of books.

  7. I admire your husband's eclectic interests. He is not stuck on any one idea.

  8. A fascinating collection - with some old friends and some which scare me.
    I hope your recovery is going well.

  9. What a varied selection of books. It makes me realise I should read more.

  10. My library is a "royal mess" I have no right to give a negative response! :)

  11. That says a lot about your husband. I think he and I would be friends.

  12. He's smart, and he has a sense of humor.

  13. I don't recognise any of them, my own books are all fiction.

  14. When it comes to some science that is based upon math, like some physics, I find that I can skim over the math. As long as I understand basically what the math is showing about the subject at large I do not have to understand how the math got us there.

    It is an interesting collection of books.


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