Thursday, January 14, 2021

You are worth more than that.


I took this in our community.

Living in a retirement community means seeing the constant movement of old residents being replaced by new residents.  For the old, most of them are in their 80s to over 100. Seeing smiling happy bingo players on a Friday becomes hearing about their deaths on Saturday.

It is time, time to realize your bucket list or any list should not be delayed.  That said, here is some of my list:
Life is too short to...

Order the cheapest entree on the menu. Don't bother.
Buy and eat store-bought sushi. You must be
really desperate.

Sleep on an old mattress. You
deserve a better new one.
Use duct tape to fix 
the same thing over and over.

Be ignorant of history. Knowing the past 
changes how you understand the present.

Be mean. You will regret this
all your life.

Stay silent when speaking out will help people
or situations.

Avoid puddles when walking. Splash in them, dang it.
Stay inside at sunset. God created them, they are amazing.

Put off sorting through the boxes of photos in your closet.
They are not going away. Having your heirs do this is

Watch TV all the time, regardless
what is on.
Make judgments about people. You
are not the one in charge.

Eat stale bread. Bread is God's gift. He also made butter.

Gossip. Truth will out eventually.

Purchase absolutely the least expensive, most awful toilet paper.

Rage at and curse the TV.
Give up on someone.
Drink cheap wine.

this is from Calliers Chocolate factor in Switzerland. You have no idea.

Consume poor quality chocolate (go for the good stuff, like from Switzerland).

Avoid saying "I'm sorry".
Behave angrily and irrationally. Unless
you are 2 yrs old.

Be too proud to ask forgiveness.
Buy store-bought pie. I am a pie snob.
Be serious all the time.
Do not discount the power of prayer.

Make plans to do something or go somewhere, but then don't do it.
Wear cheap shoes. Spend the extra.

Eat an ice cream whose flavor you hate 
for some strange reason. 

Neglect friends or family.
Be serious all the time.
Forget what it was like to be a child.

Suppress a giggle. 

This list could go on and on. Do you have a list of your own? What is itWhat should you do about it?

This is written in memory of Ed Repik, age 83, who died on a day after Bingo from a fall.  To say he was a good man is not adequate. He will be missed by all who knew him.


  1. Now why would anyone eat a flavor of ice cream they didn't like?
    Well said! God wants us to be our best and have the best.

    1. Someone who wants to be punished would eat that.


  2. Living in a retirement community could be depressive.

    1. Fortunately, it isn't. We've developed some friendships and we are a group of all ages.

  3. I'm sorry to hear of Ed's passing ... but appreciate that it prompted this thoughtful post. I've begun germinating my own!

  4. I make lists and forget 'em. I am at the stage where I am seeing folks in the obits much younger than I, thanks to my wife who points that out in the Obits she reads daily from back home. AND I DO NOT MIND A BIT, because it reminds me I am fortunate to be here.
    BUT I could/do agree with 99% of the list, the word sushi doesn't make my palet even smile. LOL
    Enjoyed the visit to your house, Sending love from a COOOOL Florida.
    Sherry & jack

    1. I look at the obits also. There are so many people who are a few years below and above us. So we are in the running.

      Sushi was awesome, until I ate some that gave me food poisoning.

  5. I did not know Ed, but I knew one who fit the description, he is gone also. :-(

  6. That's a beautiful sky and yummy looking chocolates. We're sorry to hear about Ed, that's very sad.

    1. The chocolates were indescribable. I may never eat Hershey's again.

  7. Good list! I agree with it and find I have changed many things as I've grown older. I finally realized that it's ok to say No to many things but yes to what brings joy or can help someone else. I'm sorry about your friend. Some may say he lived a long life. When my Mom passed last year at age 94 I realized that perhaps life is never long enough for those left behind. I have to go now and face the spare room closet with the totes full of photos!

    1. You will find yourself smiling as you view them!

  8. It's interesting what some people find worth the effort. Good list. I have nothing to add today.

  9. Excellent list, Susan. Yes, life is too short and sometimes tomorrow doesn’t come for joys we have put off. This year has shown us that it might be time to eat the calorie laden cake, drink the fine wine and dance in the moonlight - not at the same time, though.

    For years I ordered the cheapest meal at a restaurant while my husband ordered steak. Old habits die hard, but when I paid my youngest child’s last college tuition bill, I threw caution to the wind and celebrated with lobster. I never really liked steak.

    1. I am giggling here, since I order from the cheap side as well, But now it is time to cut loose.

  10. Great list. Lots of good points on it.

    I particularly like a lot of the points about food and drink.. It is best to always go for the best.

    1. There is a big difference between a good Merlot and a bad one.

  11. I have crates and crates of stuff that must be sorted, most of the items will simply be thrown away and for that reason alone, I need to do the sorting myself, because someone else might say, "Oh no you can't throw that away" even if they don't want it themselves.

  12. Life's too short to forget to say "thank you" as often as possible to as many people as possible, and to The A-mighty.

  13. Rest in peace Ed. I hope you made the time to enjoy life.

  14. Sounds fair enough to me, but I do enjoy watching good TV series, and good movies.

    And I did purchase a new mattress last year...2020! :)

  15. Absolutely the best post; why on Earth would you make yourself unhappy when life could be over in a heartbeat.

  16. Life is too short to spend it with the wrong people. The right people are always worth the wait.

  17. Awesome list! I want to religiously follow the chocolate one, but since the doc just added Junuvia to my pill collection....

  18. It's a beautiful set of words to live by, except for the eating of an ice cream flavor you don't like. Unless it's to try a new flavor. One never knows what one might like. Enjoy each moment of life! Alana

  19. People live and people die, that's really about all there is to it. So live well, enjoy!


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