Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finding the Middle Ground

I tried to re-locate this source, failed.  Forgive me.

One can try to be organized, put things away, establish an orderly life, or one can utterly give up.  No, there is a middle ground, and I think I found it.  Today.

I have fluctuated between the two extremes forever. 

Either I will go into a red-faced cleaning frenzy where NOTHING is safe, and EVERYTHING is put into its proper place;


I will toss it all somewhere and make a vague promise to put it away, someday.

My mother-in-law was coming over after church, and the living room had that messy-Saturday-and-exploded-Sunday-Paper look.  So my husband and I did the frenzied cleaning of that room, and extended areas.

 Man.  We were moving fast and I was tolerating no half-way job.

So it was…that I was putting things away in a bedroom closet when the toe of my sandal caught on the silly frou-frou bed skirt.   I stumbled, pulling that foot free of the dang lacy linen.  In doing that simple movement, I kicked the dang cheap metal, sharp edged bed frame.  I kicked it good. 

I broke the big toe.  Not badly, just enough to put ice on it and tape it to the next toe.  I will hobble around for a while.

Today I found that there is a meeting ground between obsessive cleaning and casual disregard.  I found it with my toe.



  1. I'm really sorry Susan. The signage is funny, and so true :)

  2. Oh ow ow ow ow... I can FEEL that. Dang!!

  3. I 100% agree with that picture!

    Poor you, I hope your toe feels better soon! That is such a painful thing to do! Thank you for sharing your story so I could find some middle ground before something like that happened to my toe :) Now you can sit down and have a cozy time and use your toe as an excuse :)

  4. Sorry about the toe, but the notice - how true!!

  5. A clean house is the sign of a good cleaning company, like my friends have. I've broken a toe myself, on occasion.

  6. haha the above comment i would love to believe--but i know too many neat cleaning freaks---i keep thinking i am going to get this cleaning thing down, but then like you said, my computer keeps working--sorry about your toe:(

  7. Oh that sucks, a broken toe can be very painful. So very true as well, but I'll still keep things nice and clean, just hope I don't break any toes or anything else..haha

  8. When my computer's down, I watch TV. My housecleaning frenzies happen about twice a week. Although if something spills on the floor, I jump up and clean it right away. I hate dirty floors. Yes, I'm weird.

  9. Ha! My domestic worker is off having a baby, my house fluctuates between tidy and messy, and my computer goes on the blink ever so now and again... any thoughts?
    Hope the toe is on the mend!

  10. Yikes. I kicked something in the yard once. I'm not sure if it broke anything but I limped like Chester on Gunsmoke for several days.

  11. If I didn't have a computer I'd probably get a lot of other stuff done, but I'm not sure I'd be doing housecleaning. Although I have a feeling on Friday my wife is going to have some things for me to do here since we're having a party on Saturday. Booooo.

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  12. Ouch. On several levels. Usually the ambience of our home is cluttered and dusty with a patina of cat fur. And then something will snap (incoming visitors are often the impetus) and the frenzy begins. The nail on my little toe is black. There is a large blood blister under it. And a tear between it and the next toe where I rammed the bed post as I rushed around like a mad thing.
    I am sorry about your toe, and also (selfishly) sorry that I know exactly where you are coming from.
    I hope you toe heals quickly.

  13. Ouch, ouch, ouch! I feel your pain. I am very klutzy so have broken toes more than once. The sign is another ouch! I have gotten more cleaning done in the past two weeks with an infected computer (desktop) and a laptop that needs a charger. My neatnik husband kind of likes the handicapped computers:)

  14. Oh no! I hope your toe heals quickly! My mom breaks her toes all the time. She just started blogging you might actually enjoy her. She is a hoot! Take care and I hope all goes well with you and your family.

  15. Oh, so sorry you had to get injured to figure this out...I believe in middle ground. Sometimes it's really hard to find!


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