Wednesday, May 23, 2012

...Then he met Samuel: Cowboy Bob


When Robert Lewis Sherman was a child with wide-open eyes, he knew this: He would be a cowboy named “Cheyenne”, spit whenever he felt like it, and wear a Stetson low on his brow.  He would gnaw on a tooth-pick, kick doors open, and drink strong bitter coffee.

When he turned 21, his eyes were mere slits and he trusted no one, believed in no one, and growled at everyone.  Robert “Bad Man” graduated from Berkeley with great expectations.

Now Robert “Loner” Sherman worked at a Wal-Mart at the Optical department where he was an optometrist, a surprise to his family and especially to himself.  

The only connection he had now to his cowboy dream was a pony named “Shaggy” he had adopted and kept stabled at a nearby ranch.  

 His Saturdays were spent in two ways:  grooming Shaggy, and/or making extra cash at kids’ birthday parties as “Cowboy Bob” with his wily pony whose stage name was “Thunder”. 

Oddly, those were the happiest hours of his endlessly mind-numbing days.

Then came Samuel and his damned third birthday…


  1. Oh Boy...this could be enough to drive Cowboy Bob out to the peace and quiet of the open range. I hope he's got good ridin' and ropin' skills. He's gonna need them to corral Samuel.

  2. Sounds like just the thing needed no matter the long days, although russeling up Samuel might be hard haha

  3. at least he was still in the line of work he loved sorta ;)

  4. Even if we get a piece of our dream, we should count ourselves lucky. Of course, when Samuel enters the scene, well, we all have days like that.

  5. The suspense is well nigh killing me. That poor, poor man. I do hope that Shaggy/Thunder escapes the machinations of Samuel.


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