Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flowing Colors

A talented mind: Elephant's Child

Georgia ran her hand along the quilt, feeling the seams and the stitches.  'Such tiny stitches!  How did she do this?' she wondered, amazed at what she felt.

Was it a river? A wave?  Flowing clouds?  "This is so incredible, Elena!" Georgia exclaimed.  "How did you manage such wonderful piecing?"

"The same way you do, the same way," Elena told her blind sister.  "The fabric folded in my hands, and I stitched.  Blindness is not a hindrance for us.  We can hear the fabric speak, and feel the pattern move.  Color to color, curve to curve."

Note:  This has been edited to include the video below, AND to make sure that Elephant's Child is credited for this PhotoPrompt.  This is her quilt, and it is amazing.  It makes my hands hurt just to think about the work that she put into this creation!  Wed., 5-16-12
See this YouTube site:


  1. Beautiful....can you imagine actually making something like this and then never being able to truly see it? Wow!! What a thought.

  2. Just wow. I know blind people who see through their fingers and senses. That's who you wrote about.

  3. I have heard of blind quilters, and saw a YouTube video once about this amazing young woman. That is what I thought of when I saw the quilt.

  4. They truly do see more than many most times.

  5. I've read that their other senses are heightened considerably...
    Gorgeous - both the quilt and the flash fic!

  6. Here is the YouTube site. I hope it works!


    1. I love your take on my quilt. Thank you so much. I have also put up a response to your marvellous photo prompt.
      I am off to check out that YouTube link.

    2. What a woman. An inconvenience! Oh yes, I can see just how inconvenient being blind would be...


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