Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday: PhotoPrompt: Ennis Friary, Ireland

Ennis Friary in Ireland

Ireland, a luscious green island, has a long history through time.  All of it is the result of faith, love, war, and political upheaval.  Like skeletons across a verdant land, these stone shells call back to that time and serve as a reminder.  Of what?  That is for you to create: a quick write about this photo.

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  1. Gorgeous mind is doing pushups just looking at it. thanks for the contribution to PhotoPromps Susan.

  2. Would love to be able to do this, but right now I'm reading blogs in order to put off the editing to my chn's sequel that is driving me mad! Oh well...

  3. Great pic, you would never know such unrest lies there from all the pics.

  4. I'm with Delores. My mind's going a mile a minute working out stories to fit the picture. It's that beautiful. :-)

  5. wonderful pictures and i will come back and check the other photos out--thanks

  6. love the stories behind the pictures..

  7. I loved this picture. Next week I will try to post one.

  8. A reminder that blue skies, wisps of cloud and green grass have outlasted, and will continue to outlast any attempt of man to dominate the landscape.
    Thank you, I love this photo.

  9. Irish history is reflected in Irish music: the element of sadness in the tin whistle and uilleann (oolun) pipes, the insistent beat on the bodhran (boh-rawn), and the Irish language. Even if I don't understand the language or any of the above, when I hear Irish music, it sweeps over me. That is why I chose that photo.

    Now go write something!! please:)

  10. These skeleton walls are an intricate support system for faith. The space represents our open hearts and God's open arms. We are held, yet freely move within the framework of faith, love and hope. Feel the touch of life, creation and peace flow through this place, surround us in light. Infinity . . .


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