Monday, May 21, 2012

PhotoPrompt Monday: Old Barn Door

Old Barn Door

Old houses, decrepit barns, stone buildings--they fascinate me.  Who lived there?  Why did they leave?  Who built that barn?  That brick building--how old is it? The careful stone arch over the door--that took a skillful mason.  Who was he?  So many stories, so many people were part of that place.  Now they are gone.

Write a quick fiction about this old door.  Let your mind think of the questions.  You can do it!

The following are part of this PhotoPrompt Monday:

Delores from
Julie from
Empty Nest Insider 
Amy from
  That Amy Saia 
Danielle from
  Sweet Tea Reads 
Elephants Child from
  Elephant's Child 
Susan from
and Arleen from
Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe  
and Laura from


  1. Have my little characters locked in an old barn, very appropriate. :0)

  2. I love how mysterious it looks! A very interesting place to set a flash fiction... Really cool!

  3. Great prompt. It's early in the morning and I haven't had my coffee yet. You can imagine the pain when the gears of creativity jolted into motion. Ouch.

  4. that is an amazing photoprompt! what stories might come out of this, i wonder?

  5. Dear Susan, . . . one of these days I'm going to participate in a photo prompt. It's the sticking to the Tuesday/Saturday schedule that preempt that. But one of these fine days . . . Peace.

  6. To all above: We had a barn and we explored every inch of it. We knew every beam, trap-door, corn crib--it was magical. But it is gone now; time does that to old barns from 1860s. Tomorrow I will post two pieces on the barn door and Delores' stone angel.

  7. That's a lovely photo. There's something so charming about an old barn door like that.

  8. An interesting prompt filled with possibilities! I might need a day or two to come up with something for your barn and Delores' stone angel. Thanks Susan!

  9. awwww i wish i felt like writing something today--and i may sound really stupid--but i wasn't sure how to enter this---is it open just today---love that picture

  10. Another wonderful prompt. I am going away to think and, like Empty Nest Insider, may need a day or three.

    1. Your barn haunted me, and I have now responded to it, and to you. Thanks.

  11. I love barns and doors and decrepit old houses...wonderful prompt!

  12. That's my house and I can't wait to stop flying and lay claim to it. I just hope the goats are waiting in the meadow. Thanks for the visit Susan, enjoy the day.

  13. hmmph. makes me want to paint it. but i would change it a bit.

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors


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