Thursday, October 20, 2011

Samuel Returns

Time passes, and Samuel found himself in a high chair with a small cake on the tray.  Two candles had been lit, and he was surrounded by adults singing with silly smiles on their faces.  'Okay, fine,' he thought. 

Samuel blew out the candles and obliged his worshipers by squishing the cake beyond recognition.  When Grammie came close, he lobbed a big chunk straight at her.  'In your face, Grammie! Heh, heh!'

The Mommy then scooped Samuel up and took him to the master bathroom for a bath. She stripped him naked and hosed him down.  After the Mommy dried him off, she introduced him to ‘pull-ups’.  He knew what they were, sure.  Easy on, easy off.  'Heh, heh.'

The phone rang.  The Mommy answered it, leaving Samuel to roam around the bedroom.  Now very mobile, Samuel could get up a good head of steam when he wanted. 

That was when he saw the bed.  'A tree?  In here?' He wondered.  Walking around and eyeballing the brown posts and brown leaves, Samuel thought a bit.

Easy on, Easy off.  Samuel went to one post, took perfect aim, and watered it with yellow water.  He watered it soundly.  'Drink deep, tree.  Drink deep!'

The Mommy screamed.  Yanking up his ‘pull-ups’, she scolded him.

'Dammit, woman!'  He eyed her coldly.  'It needs fertilizer, too!'

I want to express thanks to Pam and Dawn who weekly discover awesome photos and post them for writing prompts.  I would love this bed.

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Who the heck is Samuel?  Go to:
Just who the heck is Samuel? 


  1. You've been watching too much "Family Guy".

  2. Great photo and awesome post!! "Dammit, woman! It needs fertilizer too!" hee hee!!

  3. The show 'Family Guy' is pretty disturbing. The baby character "Stewie" is a strange boy who seems intent on world domination.
    Samuel is a character my son created for a H.S. video project; he was a little boy represented by a TV tray; he goes for a walk down the block. It was quite brilliant, actually.
    I have stolen Samuel with absolutely no regrets. My now-grown son can try to sue me, but he owes me money. 'In your face, sonny John!'

  4. I LOVE this! It made me laugh on a day I need a good laugh, after the day I got scammed. Thanks for your comment, letting me know I'm not the only one who gets targeted. You said your father-in-law did many years ago. I guess scams have been going around the world forever, in one form or another. It all seems as surreal to me right now as this awesome story of yours from the writing prompt!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  5. That was funny. Even funnier was your remark about stealing your son's creation of Samuel

    I remember you using the name Samuel in one of your other stories. Hopefully, there will be more for us to read and enjoy.

  6. No! Fertilizer would be too much! LOL! Thanks, I needed the laugh.


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