Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The True Spirit of Adventure

Lately my thoughts and blogs have circled around food, normal and a little off-market-type.  I wrote about the roasted hog’s head on the kitchen table.  

 I commented on about Rocky Mountain Oysters.  Elisa wrote an absolutely awesome blog in response about her father’s roasted nuts dinner party.  Go there and read it.  It will change your life forever.

Life is not so much about what we have eaten, but it is more about the foods we have not yet eaten.  This topic all depends on the spirit of adventure, how much one possesses of that elusive spirit, and whether one responds positively to going with the spirit.

Let’s face it: how many traditional Thanksgiving meals can one take?  How many pot roasts?  How many gallons of homemade mashed potatoes?  Well, on the potatoes, I can still eat more of them.  But, as for other normal meals, don’t you ever get tired of them? 

I mean, what about…say…roast snapping turtle…fried frog legs :}…sautéed sweetmeats (calf brains)…venison chili?  This only covers the main entrée, not the side dishes or desserts.

What I would love to hear from anyone is a recipe they have tried or eaten, something that surprised them.  Please, please, share the recipe with this truly adventurous blogging community. 

If you are running dry on ideas for blog posts, this is like a free-be! Call an elderly relative who most likely has access to some really interesting recipes.  Post it on your blog. 

This is not a blogfest.  I don’t know how to do that just yet.  I am just curious what you might come up with, if allowed to rumble and ransack through some old recipes.  

 Come on, Delores at!  

 You, too, Murr Brewster at !  
How about you, Melynda at
Hey, Arleen!  Write something at !  

 You, too, Arlee Bird!  Put some western food on  

My special recipe will be up tomorrow. 


  1. Do you want us all to post our recipes tomorrow or today, or, do you want us to send them to you?

  2. haha oh you are talking to the wrong person in me. I eat the exact same thing day in day out for the last 15 years or more. Food to me is just that food, eat it, survive, be done

  3. Susan, Susan, Susan,you have asked the wrong person. I am a semi-vegetarian, brought up on plain Irish food, now have a sensitive stomach, and looking at that pig's head gave me nightmares. Before my intestines turned on me, I did dabble in gourmet and spicy foods, but I was always familiar with the species and the parts of which I ate. Venison - never. I remember very clearly the pain I felt when my parents took me to see Bambi. As for some poor animal's balls, now that is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

    This is not to say that I don't like good, interesting food. However, I don't cook it, I go to nice restaurants.

    Hubby came from a Polish family and they did cook foods that came from animal parts that I did not think should ever be used. I'd like to pass on some of those recipes to you, but for obvious reasons, I never asked for them. They once tried to serve me Duck's Blood Soup, and I think I told them I was allergic to anything that once had feathers.

    I do make a fabulous potato salad though.

  4. LOL! You surprised me, and your words meant so much. Thanks for the mention :)

    That venison cookbook looks AWESOME. Now I might have to get my dad's infamous recipe for turkey nuts *still giggling*.

  5. I'm flying to New Mexico in an hour, and with any luck, I'll have the weirdest food I ever ate there. Fortunately, I'm a poop fan.

  6. Your on lady! I'll have it up tomorrow. haha

  7. Dear Susan, I'm thinking that no one really wants a vegetarian recipe! I'm not much of a cook even vegetarian-wise although I do have a scrumptious recipe for vegetarian chile with cashews in it.


  8. I have eaten blood sausage before I knew it was blood sausage!
    Blessings, Joanne

  9. I been thinking on this one and I haven't thought of any recipes for anything that I've fixed, but I have eaten a few strange foods before. I will try to squeeze something in (I've got tentative blog posts scheduled through December). Maybe I'll try to put something up before Halloween.

    In fact, some things are starting to come to me now.

    Tossing It Out


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