Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Crazy Goose

That crazy goose
The crazy goose who never left
It was a cold November that year.  Snow moved in early, and my father was glad to have the crops in and the livestock secure.  He had watched the sky for more snow, and saw the last of the snow geese moving down from Canada.  The week before the sky had been full of them, and now there were isolated gaggles in their V-formation.

The following morning Dad moved the Farmall tractor with a trailer of hog feed through the gate.  Perched up on top of the feeder was a snow goose, its wing clearly wounded.  They glared at each other for a minute until the goose gave up and fluttered down to the ground.   Dad filled the feeder and speculated what the hogs would do to this lonely injured goose.

It didn’t take long for his question to be answered.  The hogs rushing in for their chance at the feeder were held back by one very obnoxious aggressive, albeit injured, goose.  Hissing and nipping at their snouts, the goose was the first at the trough. 

This would be the way of the goose and the hogs for the next few years.  During the coldest nights, the goose always found a perch on a pile of warm hogs.  At every feeding the goose was at the head of the line.

When Dad herded the hogs to be sorted for market, the crazy goose insisted in going into the sorting chute.  Getting it out back to the hog lot took a lot of effort.

Then another November day five years later, the goose disappeared.  Dad thought it might have heard the overhead geese calling and decided to join them. 

The next day Dad found feathered remains in the lot.  ‘Well, it had a good life, a long life,’ Dad thought. 

pigs on farm
Let's take a few minutes to pray for the soul of our departed friend, the crazy goose....


  1. Guess the hogs got tired of being second best at the feed trough.

  2. Animals never cease to amaze me :)

  3. Guess he didn't size up the new lot of hogs. Big mistake. Good story.

  4. I was not expecting that ending. LOL! I'm literally stunned.

    I'm amazed it lasted that long too. I have to admit though, I was expecting it to end as the best pet you ever had or something like that *giggles* You are an AMAZING storyteller. You always have me hanging onto every word.

  5. Awww poor Goose :o(
    Blessings, Joanne


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