Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Samuel vs. Ginger

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Heavy rain pelted the Old Church door and Samuel coughed.  It was a wet cough followed by yellow goo from his nose.  Misery was running high.

The Mommy had cleaned him up, wiping his nose again.  ‘Just let it flow, woman!’  Samuel had already found the sofa and chairs useful enough. 

The doorbell rang, and Aunt Tammy came whooshing through the door.  An irritatingly cheerful woman, “Oh, whittle Sammie Whammy has duh sniffuls?” as she scooped him up.  “Oh, who’s duh cutest…” 

Samuel let loose with a full-bodied sneeze right into her open mouth.  ‘Just for you, Tammy Whammy!’

The Mommy carried in a gift from Tammy’s car:  a round fish bowl with a deep-red fish swirling around, its fins fluttering in clear water.  Setting it on the table, she wiped Samuel’s nose again and took him from the retching Aunt Tammy.

Putting Samuel down by the table, the Mommy called, “Here’s some tea!”  Tammy stumbled, retching all the way to the kitchen, leaving Samuel.  Eye level with the fish bowl, Samuel considered it.

Ginger-the-old-fat-tabby appeared on a chair next to Samuel.  Their eyes met, thoughts were exchanged, and challenges made.  Who is faster?  Who is better?  Who will win this battle?

Samuel saw only one way. Giving it his all, Samuel screamed and cried, “Whaaaa!  Mommmmmmammmmmmaaa…”

The Mommy came, saw the crying child pointing at the cat, and grabbed the Ginger.  She scolded the old cat all the way to the front door.  Ginger and Samuel exchanged looks.  ‘So this is the way it is to be,’ Ginger glared through slitted eyes.

Time enough.  Just time enough.  Samuel grabbed the fish bowl between snotty hands, pulling it to the edge.  ‘Be free, my friend.  Be free.’  The bowl dropped.

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  1. OMG that picture....that cat looks like it knows it has no chance.

  2. hahaha love the pic and great story too, snotty hands ewww..haha

  3. Another good Sammy story. I could picture that sneeze, yuck!

  4. Fantastic story - I'm sniggering away here (though, I'm also eating noodles as I read, and the retching part almost had me joining in!)
    Laura x

  5. Ew at the sneezing . . . but a great story, nevertheless. :)

  6. What fed this post was that this that it happened to me!!!! I was being the silly aunt with my niece Laurel who had one of those type colds, and she sneezed a gob straight into my mouth and throat. I gave her to someone, ran to the bathroom and tried to get rid of it. Then I drank some really hot coffee. When I got home, I loaded up on Air-Bourne(TM). I didn't get the cold, but I was traumatized. I almost up-chucked right now as I wrote this comment.

  7. Ewwww. Reminds me of a friend of mine who went camping with her children. Hearing strange noises in the night she leaned out of the bottom bunk and asked her boy 'are you OK?', just as he threw up. Shudders.

  8. O my gosh, the truth of the matter is even worse! Yuck! Love the Sammy stories, as they are so darn realistic. A little gross, but you can just "see" that Sammy thinking and scheming his way through the world of babydom!

  9. so cute!....but not for Tammy! :O)
    Blessings, Joanne

  10. Poor fishy! You'll have to linky it to 1st Writes!

    Until next week....


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