Friday, March 11, 2011

My Favorite Picture Book

Oh, this is so hard to narrow down to a few!!  But...
I love The Great Kapok Tree  by Lynne Cherry.  This beautifully illustrated book is about a man who is involved in cutting down the big trees in the rainforest.  When he comes to a big Kapok tree, he decides to take a nap and rest before beginning.  During his nap, many different rainforest animals come and speak to him, showing how the tree provides for them.  It demonstrates how all living things need the others to survive.  When he awakes, the man finds himself surrounded by all the animals who have spoken to him.


The next book I love is The Mitten by Jan Brett.  In fact, I love all of Jan Brett's books.  Her illustrations are amazing, and reflects her heritage.  Even the borders of each page are intricately crafted.  In The Mitten, a child has lost one of his brand-new knitted mittens, just now given to him by his grandmother.  Different animals discover the mitten, and one by one, each wiggled into the mitten.  The mitten is slowly stretched out, until the bear comes.  This story is an old Ukranian tale, told in different books.  But this version is visually drazzling.
The Mitten
A thoroughly engaging book!

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  1. Oh, I love Jan Brett! I don't think anyone mentioned her books yet. What a talent!

    Thanks for participating! So great to meet you!


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