Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Thrill is Gone

Oh, the heavenly taste of it all.
There are few foods in the world that I truly enjoy.  Yes, it is absolutely true.  I have become jaded in the food arena, whether it’s an indicator of a health problem, or if it is simply true that food is food, some better than others.

When I think back, I remember the first professionally made pizza I tasted.  It was in the fall of 1972, in Carlinville, Illinois.  Before that event, the only pizzas I had eaten were the box mixes called ‘Appian Way’ or something.  But, this 1972 pizza had the best of all elements that make great pizzas.
Why can’t I feel that way again?
I even re-heated leftovers and ate them for breakfast.
I remember my first bite of “Christmas Pudding”.  It was Christmas of 1985.  Oh, my goodness.  And it had hard sauce. 
Why can’t I recapture that taste and wonder?

However (there is always a however, isn’t there?), there is one particular product, put out by the Girl Scouts of America:
Life is good
The Thin Mint cookie
I hear you out there saying, “YES!  Sing it, sister!  Hallelujah!”

As I sit here polishing off a box I found in the freezer, bought a month ago, I am relishing every single crumb of the Thin Mint.  How could I not?  The Thin Mint has all the elements of fine cuisine.  The texture is smooth, and then crunchy.  The mint flavor slowly invades the taste buds.  The chocolate goodness lingers in the aftertaste
In checking the nutrition facts, it is low in carbohydrates, has zero cholesterol, and zero trans fats.  There is even a little protein thrown in, alone with some iron.  The ingredients are typical lingo facts, but there is cocoa and oil of peppermint, which is basically all I need to know.
After all these years of eating Girl Scout Cookies, the thrill is still there. 

Bon appétit!
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  1. I had Christmas pudding this past Christmas. It was the first time I'd ever enjoyed it. My palate must have matured. :)
    Cake wrecks is hilarious!

  2. Glad you have grown as a connoisseur! And, remember to check out mincemeat is awesome, too. Thanks for encouragement.

  3. I LOVE thin mint cookies so much that I enrolled my girls in girl scouts. How can I be so selfish? ;)

    I haven't enjoyed food as much as I did before being pregnant. While pregnant, food become like fairy food! So, since I'm done having kids, maybe I'm just stuck eating plain old human food forever lol

  4. I love a good veggie pizza. Haven't found one to come up to Papa Murphy, which is only in the west (we were in Utah), not here in the East. My daughter and I miss it!

    What scrumptious photos.

    Re: your twitter comment on my blog just now. I just figured out how to get a scrolling twitter icon on my blog. Took me over half a dozen tries! I'm very slow with this technology stuff, which means I may not ever completely figure out Twitter! But I'm trying!!

    Hope you're having a great day. We're having a lot of lovely, much needed rain>>>

  5. Hi there Jody here, Kiwi living in Oakland (lived in London for 15 years) Came through Expat Mum. Wow, I haven't see a Christmas pud in years, literally I am drooling. Love it with classic custard or even with the boozy type. Loved it even when I was a kid which is weird because I think it's quite an acquired taste don't you?

  6. I LOVE thin mints! I think its been 20-plus years since Ive had a thin mint. That phenomenon is not in the UK and I've never thought to ask any relatives to send them! I remember a coconut one (in the girl scout collection) as well that I loved but my mom would rarely buy that one because you 'got less for your money'.


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