Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Back Gets Even

I threw my back out last Sunday (Super Bowl day, I think).  I had been writing since we got home from church, and had written most of Saturday.  Whatever.  But on Monday, 3/26, I discovered I could not move without being struck rigid with pain.  I slowly made my way from bed to couch with a heating pad.

What happened?  Scanning my actions of the past few days, the only thing dangerous or stupid I had done was…nothing.  In the past, my back has gotten even when I moved furniture, or did some reconstruction project that my husband had postponed.  (Those were really stupid things, like ripping out the boards under the sink, hanging curtain rods while balancing on the back of the couch.)  But this last excruciating back pain didn’t seem to have a source.
Then I looked at my computer chair.  It was cheap, about $39.00, and had no lumbar support.  I switched out the chairs with a better chair I had in my sewing room, and also tied some Healthy Back ™ support thingy to make it ‘Super Lumbar Supporter Chair’. 

I have also been aware of avoiding stressing out those whiney muscles, and using heat when merited.  I dug out a back support wrap once purchased at a medical supplies store.  It is uncomfortable to put on—involves Velcro and pulling one side to latch onto the other.  Makes me away of my blubbery tummy.  It is helping.

Today I put in a load of laundry, and didn’t freeze up in agony as I did it.  Things are looking up.  I also found some clothes I had been missing since Christmas.
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(What was I thinking?
OMG, this hurts!
Finish the .....sculpture already!  Do you think I can hold this pose forever?  Do you have any Motrim on you?)


  1. Take care, and a better computer chair is vital. :0)

  2. Love the graphics. Glad your back is better!

  3. I awarded you the stylish blogger award. If you'd like to play along come over to my blog and see what you need to do and thanks for always offering great comments.

  4. Actually, it sounds like what you need is a chair that's rated 5-8 hours. (You probably don't need an 8+ hour chair because you're unlikely to sit for more than 8 hours in a row writing, right?) Anyway, 5 hour chairs start at $150! I know!! You really do need to invest in a good chair, though, if you're going to be writing several hours a day. These ergonomic people are on to something.

  5. Hi. I came over here from your comment on the post I just put up.

    Ouch! I sometimes get a muscle twinge from sitting at the computer. I've worked at getting a chair set up so I don't do this. And I get up and move around a lot (I didn't use to); I used to be able to sit long, long stretches. But that was when I was younger!!

    I didn't see your face on my follower button--unless I'm blind, which sometimes happens. If you didn't "sign on" I hope you'll come back over and follow so I'll know when you've posted something!!

    Ann Best, Long Journey Home


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