Saturday, April 10, 2021

Women made civilization possible.

The programs in the 1950-60s were focused on Westerns, though I do not know why. Matt Dillon, Lone Ranger (with Tonto, played by Jay Silverheels), Rawhide, Have Gun Will Travel, and many more filled our living room with galloping horses, lots of gunfights. Many up and coming stars began their acting careers in a Western.

What is seldom seen are the dramas with female wives who are racing around in long prairie skirts, always working in the background.  Working? They were the workforce until children grew enough to pitch in.

Who are these women? Why in the world were they always stirring pots over log fires, especially when hell is breaking loose around them?

Native Americans and European immigrants, being a woman was desperately hard. Sunrise to sundown, women worked hard to feed and care for her family. 

Women settled the West, more so than the men. Sure, men were charged with protecting family, keeping them safe, chasing bad guys. But, women provided more than food and children--they civilized the West. Churches, schools, and a sense of community emerged from the strength of these special strong women.

Salute the women in your life. You are lucky to have, or to have had, these God-blessed women who make the world bearable. Give them some roses, just for the heck of it.

She will deserve every petal.


  1. I admire every single one of them, more so considering the amount of work put in daily, without the conveniences we now consider necessary.

  2. Women still often act as a civilising influence. And work hard each and every day.

  3. There will NEVER be enough appreciation for what women have contributed to civilizing our country and this present world. Loved this entry, GREAT photos. THANKS. For some reason many men remind IGNORANT, some VERY IGNORANT!
    Sherry and jack

  4. When you consider that a 40 year old woman was old, old, old at that time you can remember how hard her life must have been. Working all day and most of the night was the norm. And it began when she was old enough to help her mother if her mother was lucky enough to still be alive.

  5. No doubt women had a heavy workload back then. They couldn't just go to the store and get dinner - preparation was from scratch. Teaching the kids was all them. So was the house. Sometimes all the animals. Personally, I'd be overwhelmed.

  6. Women were so busy taking care of things that they didn't have the time to write the history that others did. And, of course, they didn't write about the women.

  7. Well done, Susan. Women made the west, had children on the way and carried at least one on her hip as she walked west, probably knitting more diapers as she walked.

  8. I've been tent camping and I know I was born in the right time because I would not have survived without a daily bath. I looked at the women in those photos and I bet they are only around 45! They are the true heroes!

    1. A man could expect to marry several times. Poor women.

  9. I agree its a hard life for women on earth and in the old days and in many parts of the world today. I doubt women struggling to care for their families in poor countries has changed.

  10. Face it, men would be naked and exceptionally hairy if it wasn’t for women. I am sure that the first human to stand upright was a woman. She had to be in five places at the same time and needed her hands to wait on everybody.

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