Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Cafe' to Remember

The Road of Adventure
Memories of good restaurants cling to everyone, triggered by simple smells, quick visual flashes, some notes of music.  Maybe sautéed onions with bacon bring back that little Mom and Pop place near the childhood home.  Or, is it the exquisite fresh baking bread that reminds one of a marvelous by a favorite coffee shop? The oldies on radio summon up a summer vacation when there were many summers to come.

Whatever the sense might be, everybody identifies with a familiar  place locked in the memories of good places or unique experiences. 

What about a remote place, located in the middle of a desert wasteland?  And, if that restaurant has an unusual name, would you stop there?

The Entrance
RoadKill Café, 504 W. Highway 66, Seligman, Arizona, is such a place.  “Unique” isn’t adequate to describe this place.

Their motto is:  "You Kill It, We Grill It!"
The mission statement
Located on Route 66  just off Freeway , the town of Seligman, AZ, has kept its old West and small town flavor.   The menu offers many fine entrees, such as "Splatter Platter", Deer Delectables, Bad Brake Steak, Fender Tender, Caddie Grilled Patty, Swirl of Squirrel, Big Bagged Stag, Highway Hash, Almost-Crossed-the-Road-Chicken, and other delights.

Trip Advisor
The chocolate malt is the best, though.


  1. Quaint. I bet the weak keep driving. Some might stop for a picture but only the strong-constitutionals enter. Ha

  2. haha loved this---you are so right, so many memories go along with our tummies---we have had a pizza quest for several years now!!

  3. My dad would have loved those places.

  4. It's hard to find a good chocolate malt these days. I can't even buy malt in the drug store.

  5. Lovely scenery and some yummy descriptions. Oh ... chocolate malt ... so good. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your wonderful experience.

  6. Yes, yes, YES, I would DEFINITELY stop in that place. It sounds like a hoot.

    Chocolate malt, huh? Guess you were pretty certain THAT hadn't been scraped off the highway, huh? HA! Then again, with as hot as it's been out there, the animals would've pretty much cooked where they dropped, so not much time for their meat to get rancid. (Just kidding!)

  7. hmm yeah, i'd keep driving haha

  8. An amusing idea but not for me, thanks.

    Perhaps I’d visit just for the experience but wouldn’t eat?

  9. I would certainly stop to take photos. I would equally certainly be grateful to be a vegetarian. Tofudelopes don't (usually) get splatted on the road.

  10. How are their rest rooms? I have a feeling I might need to visit it after eating a possum or two.

  11. Oh, my family would SO stop there! My Husby actually stops to pick up dead muskrats. Ugh! Then brings them home and skins them. He says it's for some project he's working on. I think it's a 'Silence of the Lambs' sort of thing . . .


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