Friday, July 19, 2013

Samuel Takes the Test

Coloured Blur 2: Blurred swoosh of coloured light on black background, in primary colour. Blue.
Source: xymonau
It is time. Nana stewed the day after the Baptist Church incident. 

Nana realized that Samuel was ready to go to the school, EDUCATION FOR THE GIFTED AND CREATIVE.  His father Nathan had done well there, after all. 

Samuel recognized the school immediately and swallowed the gall of panic.  Think, man, think!  But events moved too quickly once the doors closed and Samuel was in the company of Nana and her friend, Dr. Anna. 

Primary Coloured Drops: Red, yellow, and blue drops of water.
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After brief introductions to a saccharine insipid Miss Bethany, Samuel was given instructions: Create as many colors as he could with the materials provided.

Samuel found himself in a pleasant circular room, softly illuminated overhead, with white board walls and tan seamless flooring.  He noted a large mirror curving around part way…Oh, seriously?  One way mirrors?!  So old school....  

Walking slowly around the room and running his hands along the white board, Samuel observed several things:  the walls had no seams; he could just reach the one way mirror if he stretched enough; and, there were three floor level heating vents with no screws and a metal mesh covers.

In the center of the room was a solid round white table made of some strong resin in one piece.  There was a similar chair, again with no seams, screws, or nails.

Next to the table were five cardboard boxes, filled with supplies.  Samuel squatted down by them, eyeing them carefully.  He began to remove each item one by one, making mental notes.

Boxes large kindergarten-type crayons in red, blue, and yellow?  Do they think I need this many?

Chalk, lots of yellow, blue, and red chalk?   Hmmm…an interesting choice of medium…

Now, let’s see what else: Empty cups, jars of thick peppermint paste, boxes of tongue depressors, Elmer’s glue, tempura paint in primary colors…Don’t they realize what I can do with all of this? 

Paint Palette 5: Variations on an artist's paint palette.
Source: ba1969

Samuel began pacing around the supplies and glancing at spots in the circular room.  He climbed up on the table, standing tall over the room.  Then he looked directly into the one-way mirror.

Miss Bethany cleared her throat.  “Clearly he is overwhelmed.  Look at his stillness, at the lack of expression.  Let’s get him out of there…”

Dr. Anna spoke quietly, “No, I think we need to give him time.”  Another doctor concurred, followed by murmurs of consent.  “Samuel is, after all Nathan’s son, Dr. Nana’s grandson.”

Nana said not a word, keeping eye contact with Samuel.  ‘Oh, Samuel, they do not know what you can do…’

say cheese: little four year old smiling
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Samuel smiled, a sweet 3 ½ year old smile.  Let the games begin…

He jumped off the table.

What will Samuel do next?  What do you think will happen?  Where will Samuel go from here?


  1. Oh, dear. I don't have Samuel's imagination. or yours, either.

    1. There is so much one can do with these supplies!

  2. The room is not going to look the same every again

    1. No one will ever view this room the same way either.

  3. Not sure where he is going now, but in 20 years it will probably be MIT or jail.

  4. I picture the formation of paint bombs thrown in careful pattern onto the two way mirror.....those floor vents hold possibilities as well and possibly a paint dump when some one finally opens the door.

    1. Oh, Delores. We must meet someday and compare notes.

  5. They aren't going to see him much longer

  6. Samuel is going to have a ball. Miss Bethany may feel she has gone to hell in a hand basket. (Question: Where did that phrase come from?)
    Delores seems to have quite a lot of Samuel in her...

    1. I have no idea where this phrase originated.

      Delores has some crazy creativity.

  7. I see white resin chairs being painted, vent covers being lifted to exposed secret tunnels for crayons slding through, and perhaps some boy's face being made up in the mirror like Batman.

  8. I'm supposing the one way mirror would be a great place to start. ;)

    1. That will definitely be one of his canvasses.

  9. Absolutely fascinating! You've got me!!!

  10. Fascinating, heaven help them!


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