Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wednesday Words: Cyrene

Fashion: Model in three versions
Source: Ambroz
Cyrene glided into the classy bar.  Thank God for Cougar Dating service!  She patted the red rose pinned on her low cut dress.
Ah, there he is! The old guy with his own red rose on lapel!  Cyrene licked her tongue across front teeth, checking for lipstick.  Her bicuspid fangs were less obvious since the dentist trip and whitening had removed heavy tobacco stains. 

He sat there, a dithering old man.  His rheumy glassy eyes and a slack wet drooling mouth, Edward Saint-Germaine appeared every bit the wealthy old man.

For a single moment, Cyrene felt recalcitrant about moving in for the kill, but that quickly passed.

P.S.  These words are courtesy of Delores at myfeatherednest .  Please check the right sidebar for other Wednesday Words participants!

P.S.S.  I left out rodeo by pure accident.  Oh, well.  Next time I will do better.  Sorry, Delores.


  1. I wouldn't be opposed to gold diggers like her, if i were that age lol need gold first though

  2. couldn't have them meet at the rodeo? lol.

  3. Dear Susan, that "moving in for the kill" probably has more than one connotation. Right?????? Ah ha!!!! Peace.

  4. Oh my. The illustration nails Cyrene and your very different take on the words Delores provided. Brilliant - thank you.

  5. Oh, that Cyrene has my attention, she does! Tons of fun!!!


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