Friday, December 7, 2012

Samuel Faces the Enemy

Since his third birthday and the big blow-out-up party, Samuel sensed a shift in his world.  It was sudden and seemingly permanent.  Gone were the cavalier parenting practices advocated by Grammy and his mother.  Ignorance had been their blinders, and now the blinders were off.  Dang it all.  I thought the party to be a great success…

Nana gave Grammy and his parents a crash course in dealing with Samuel.  After all, Nana had raised five sons (his father being one of them), and reportedly all were varieties of Samuel.  So that’s why Uncle Henry and Uncle Dave are never here at Christmas…Joliet Prison…hmmm.

Samuel did not like the way the future was shaping up as he observed Nana from his hiding places.  Except there were no more hiding places; they were known to everyone. It used to be so easy.  They were more malleable in those days.  Oh, if only…

Samuel detected an undercurrent of something major in the snatches of whispers he caught while feigning nap time with his favorite dump truck.  “…it would be five mornings a week…too much for one person…small number of children…all my sons went there…juvenile hall…posting bail…”

The next morning in the car seat with the Father driving and Nana in attendance, Samuel tried to squelch his unease.  I just need more information.  Then I will work out my plans, lock ideas down…

The van stopped, and both adults grasped each of Samuel’s hands.  Firmly.  They approached the door and Nana punched the electronic entry button.  She whispered into a mic and the door whooshed open.  Another door.  Same thing.

Reaching their destination, the emblazoned sign over the complex read, Education for the Gifted and creative, Jones & Richland, LTD.
A woman greeted them kindly and Samuel gulped.  She could have been Nana’s twin.  Where am I?  Who is this woman?  What is happening?

For once in his life, Samuel felt the spiraling loss of domination.


  1. The civilization of Samuel. The nightmare he never had, coming true.

  2. I'm new to Samuel but now I'm hooked. It took just one page! Looking forward to reading more about him.

  3. You know....I'm not concerned. That boy could take on juvie hall and leave them spinning in place. He will take a day or two to get oriented but then....look out folks....Samuel is in town.

  4. Things are about to get interesting for him, he'll prob learn many new things there, not sure that is good though haha

  5. Oh welcome back Samuel. I have missed you and I have every confidence that once you have found your feet, domination of the Education Complex is assured.

  6. Dear Susan, I apologize for being away so long from blogging. I'm sure that I've missed much that is interesting and intriguing on your blog. Life sometimes has a way of taking hold of us and I've learned to follow the dictates of my body. When it tells me to rest, I rest. So today I am feeling fit as a fiddle and here I am with Samuel is so feisty and indomitable. I so enjoy your postings about him. After your years of teaching and child rearing you have developed such an ability to show us what a child may be thinking.

    I now have a copy of "Open Doors" Fractured Fairy Tales" and I see that you have a story in it from a relative of the Brothers Grimm. I so look forward to reading the stories in the book, especially yours Peace.


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