Friday, September 14, 2012

PhotoPrompt: Train Tracks

Clackity, clack…whoosh
The long train speeds past my car
Tracks seem to go forever, no end in sight.

Boys laugh, dare to walk the tracks.
Cars dart across, rushing to get somewhere,
Their destination mundane and boring.

The tracks take me far away

They speak to my dreams of adventure
Take me to places I must explore.

Mary Gerard

Miz Cleary’s beagle started the howling, set it off like a fire cracker. 

 Larry’s old hound dog picked up the song. 

Every dog in town was up on all paws, jaws open. AHHH- ROOOOO. 
 Doors opened, owners hollered at dogs baying, but it didn’t do any good.

The train was passing through.


 Dogs spread the word. 
 All was fine now. 

Until the next night.

Susan Kane


  1. Much can be thought with the tracks taking us to a new place and life. Just like a dog, has to tell all the obvious haha

    1. Something enigmatic about a train that invites. The dogs--I wonder what they think they have to say about trains.

  2. i enjoyed this--sorry i never participated--i had meant to :)

    1. Another day, another time! Glad you enjoyed this.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, that is how I feel. Living where we do, the train sounds are far away, barely heard over the traffic.

  4. And when we lived in the country with train tracks going through the bottom paddock our cats used to howl at the two am train went through.
    This is beautiful. Thank you. And like Lynn Proctor I had meant to participate again this week.
    Instead I am appreciating. Lots.

    1. Cats howling at the train--what a sound that must have been! Glad you enjoyed a memory.

  5. Cool post. crossing or waiting for the train to pass always freaks me out a bit. Here, all the dogs seem to like to howl at the fire dept alarm. I guess they think it's a giant dog howling too!
    Blessings, Joanne

    1. Maybe that is it--the dogs howl with the train, not at the train. Hmmm

  6. Dear Susan, you are so talented. Peace.

  7. I enjoyed the train track contemplations... we are all aboard the train of life, headed in a certain direction... some of us negotiate new and unfamiliar paths... where will it lead?

    1. I have always wanted to get on a train crossing through Canada. Maybe someday.

  8. Replies
    1. Trains wake up a longing in me. The dogs just wake up everyone.


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