Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PhotoPrompt: Tracks in the snow

Delores @thefeatherednest

I would be first out the door.  The first to land on the fresh fallen snow.  Me, this time the first foot prints would be MINE!

Morning sun was barely showing.  I did my best tip-toe to the mud-porch where the boots were piled in a heap, where the warm coats hung ready.  Pull on the boots.  Slip on the coat.  Slowly open the squeaky back door.  Squeeze through the narrow opening.  Then, then I could…

But there they were:  Footprints.  Dang.  I had not counted on Dad heading out to milk the cows.  Dang.

The best I could do was to align my foot prints next to his, as if we both went out together.

So that’s what I did.


  1. haha well a bit of a change of plan but it worked in a way I suppose.

  2. Cute....
    Those prints in the photo are the mailmans. Our by law officers insist we keep our walks clear for them. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

  3. Dear Susan, good thinking! And don't we all walk in the footsteps of giants as someone has said? Peace.

  4. I love where you went with this. Such wonderful symbolism.

  5. A lovely take on the Prompt that Delores set. And in answer to Delore's question about seeing anything wrong with the picture - our mailmen are never, ever there so early that their are the first tracks. And they stuff everything in the mailbox by the road anyway.

  6. Beautiful piece... love the idea of following in the footsteps of somebody you admire...

  7. This brings back wonderful childhood memories! Another gem! Julie


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