Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not the 'Good Napkins', but....

This is the second day of school for Bright Eyes.  Already, she and her little clutch of friends are striving for good behavior, and most importantly, “table points”.
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Rules are there for a reason.
Unless you are familiar with the discipline plans and rewards used in an elementary classroom, that means nothing to you.  “Table Points” are the points a cluster of six students called a ‘table group’ can earn by sitting up straight, paying attention, folding hands in front of them, or remaining silent when the world around them is wreaking wild havoc.

The table group who garners the most points throughout the whole week gets to choose prizes from the Treasure Chest.  “Oh. My. Goodness.  This is so big, like, you know, Grandma!  And, we were the first table group for the school year, too.”  Bright Eyes now sounds like every teeny girl in Disney™ television shows.  It makes me sad, and a little cranky to be honest.
You, too, can choose from the treasure chest!

So, Bright Eyes hopped into the van, grasping her prize from the Treasure Chest.  It was a small zippered bag, like a girl would carry in her purse for lipstick and such. She had so much to tell about her day, and she had to buckle in before she could examine her treasured prize.

There was silence from Bright Eyes as my daughter drove, letting Sunshine fill in the news of her day.  Then, “Mommy, what is this?”

From the treasured prize, Bright Eyes pulled out three Tampons™, and held them up for her mother to view in the rear view mirror. She was told that they would talk about those things at home.  But that was never enough for Bright Eyes; she knew a brush-off when she saw it.  So Bright Eyes tore them open, and speculated about their uses.  Not a flashlight…oh, look, here’s string…she swung the tampons around on their stringsNo, this isn’t a telescope. Here, Sunshine!  You can play with this one…”
This looks like a good book.

When they all arrived home and the front door closed, my daughter (God bless her.) gave Bright Eyes an abbreviated explanation; she took the Tampons away.  Then she called the teacher, who listened in silence.  The Teacher said, “Oh, dear.  I’d better called Bright Eyes’ best friend.  She picked the same thing.” 

Ahhh.  The joys of teaching.  The joys of learning.


  1. OH my gosh! I would have called the teacher too. Your daughter handled everything so well ;)

  2. hardly an appropriate prize for that age group....teacher needs to re read the rules...especially the first one.

  3. Mistakes can make the best stories. That teacher must be so embarrassed. She probably picked a bunch of things out in a Dollar Store thinking it was just a cute little bag. I bet she will check more thoroughly the next time.

  4. My boys once found a box under my sink and while I did laundry took them out to the kiddie pool in the front yard and used them as submarines. Well you know what soon happened. They opened like flowers. When they got bored with that they used them as numchucks until the neighbor came and got me. I thought I was going to die. The best part was when they walked out with pads on their rears because the cement was to hot to sit on. lol
    I'm glad they had a great day at school. Mr. P has the same system in place and he is sooo excited.

  5. That is hilarious! I'm laughing as I picture her twirling them around in the car.

  6. Wow. You couldn't make that one up, could you?

  7. This story is just too funny. How embarrassing it must have been!


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