Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Vacation

In years past, we have taken big trips.  I don’t know why we feel we have to take a big trip, but back then we must have seen big trips were a rite of passage.  We visited our daughter and husband in Switzerland in 2007.  We went on a jaunt to Utah in 2008.  We went to Hawaii in 2009.  In 2010, I made numerous small trips to Illinois to visit my dying mother.  In April 2011, we made a final trip to Illinois.

All but the 2010 trip involved many suitcases, copious planning, mail put on hold, newspaper redirection, instructions for plant watering, and many snippy- tight lipped words to each other about not forgetting things (well, mostly from me).

“Why do we do this?”  We asked ourselves just a few weeks ago.  So we did a ‘mini-trip.’ And here are the results.
Watching a movie with Sunshine and Bright Eyes

Swimming with grandkids and their friends

My own personal 'Bear in the Forest"

Our Cabin at Woodlandpark Manor in Idyllwild, CA

Alpine strawberries--incredibly sweet

Holly berries?

The new totem pole in down town Idyllwild, Ca

Tahquitz Rock in Idyllwild, CA

THE restaurant to check out: AWESOME

Flowers are everywhere in Idyllwild, CA

To check out this awesome mountain town, click on Idyllwild, California

Now, I ask you, which is the best thing to do:  take a big trip, or just take a trip? 


  1. What a wonderful trip! Your cabin is gorgeous! I'd go there any day! Of course, for me that would be a big trip! We've never been to California. The furthest west I've been is South Bend, Indiana.

  2. That looks like a blast! Your grandkids are so lucky ;)

  3. Not a tripper myself...sort of a stay at home...staycation???? the kids looked like they were having a wonderful time.

  4. I've never heard of Idylwild but it looks gorgeous! I could use a trip like that for sure!

  5. Looks beautiful! Sometimes we forget that we actually LIVE in a tourist destination...there are so many great things just outside our front doors. Thanks for sharing - loved the pictures.

  6. I tend to move to places I want to big trip to. Must stop doing that. Mostly I'm a traveler from wherever home happens to be at the time. One day, I'll take a big trip around Europe.

  7. I think any travel is great. Your pictures make me want to visit Idyllwild, which is funny, cause when I left California, I never wanted to see it again. Of course it is a big state and not all of it can be an armpit. haha.

  8. I'm averse to big trips. When I get back I feel I need a vacation from my vacation.

    Beautiful pics!

  9. My kind of trip, great pictures too!

  10. I'm with Siv. Looks like my kind of place and fun. haha. As for the little guy mentioned in my blog... I lost contact about 4 years ago. It's a long very sad story. I pray he is doing well as I truly loved that little guy.

  11. I must admit, I do love a Big Trip. But I accept all the hassle involved (especially for our family--when 7 of us used to travel together!). I also like a Trip, like a long weekend away. And I am warming to the idea of a Staycation where you just have day trips.

    One destination on our list is Hawaii. Seems like a Something for Everyone kind of place. Now that will indeed be a Big Trip from England!

  12. For all the reasons you mentioned, I don't look forward to big trips. However, once I get there, it is an entirely different story - again for all the reasons you mentioned.


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