Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"F" is for Frogs...

It's not easy being green...

Today we learned
About the letter
“F” is for
Oh, Sunshine!
I love frogs!
In the Spring time
The frogs would sing
At night.
It's night, I see a light...Go to the light
We learned
About how they hop
And about their
Long sticky tongues
That catch bugs!
My brothers
Would go down
To the pond with a
and nets.
We learned
That frogs are
All colors and
Live all over
The world!
Then my brothers
Caught the frogs
And brought them
to the house
To kill and clean them.
Yep, he's a big fella'!
Oh, Grandma!
I love frogs
So much!
Don’t you love them,
My mother
Would fry up the frog legs
For supper.
They taste like chicken.
I don’t like chicken.


  1. Just the thoughts of it....ewwwww!!!!!

  2. LOL!!! Those last two lines could have me laughing for hours!

    "They taste like chicken."
    "I don’t like chicken."

    So precious :0)

  3. I like how you did the dialog. My hubby likes frog legs. I have tried them once but didnt enjoy them. Too rubbery

  4. My husband would order frog legs in a restaurant whenever they were on the menu, just to annoy me. He hasn't done it recently, because he has so many other things he can do to get the same reaction.

    Love the picture of Kermit. Again, another great post.

  5. I love frogs too. How anyone could eat their legs is beyond me. Poor little legless frogs!

  6. As a vegetarian, I'm not a frog-leg eater. No way! But, I can truly appreciate this delightful dialogue--a child sharing a day of awe and discovery; a grandmother sharing a memory.

    Like Elisa, I found your last two lines just a treat! They so summed up your thoughts about eating frog legs. Really witty.


  7. I love the way you wrote this! Great job contrasting your granddaughter's thoughts and your memories through the words and structure!

    And frog legs? Eww! No way ;)

  8. Love this post - so creative - and Sunshine's voice (ahhh!)
    PS eeewww!

  9. LOL what a turn in this story!!! I have never had frog legs and I don't think I could either...well maybe I guess I would try it ...

    (Ok my son was looking over my shoulder when I wrote that...I am always getting on his case about trying something before saying he doesn't like it...I can't comment that I would not eat them and expect him to try new things if I won't...I'd be a hypocrate right?...So lets just say that I would, but Susan you know that I would say say EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW clamp my mouth shut and cross my arms. NOOOOOOOOOO I would not eat frogs legs! Just don't tell me son! ;O)
    Blessings, Joanne

  10. I don't know how I missed this post! It's cute. And, I do not like frogs legs, alligator or reptiles for this Cajun boy. My uncle did let us catch, clean and cook some frogs legs once. They were jumping in the frying pan! Ugghh!

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