Monday, August 15, 2011

Them that has...

Back in April, I helped Bright Eyes and Sunshine plant some tomato plants.  Honestly, I thought those plants didn’t stand a chance in the whole of God’s green Earth.  But, dang it, those eight plants are loaded with red and green tomatoes.
Such promises!

So simple, a child could do it!
I, on the other hand, bought a “Topsy-Turvy” tomato planter, and prided myself on the choice of an ‘Heirloom’ tomato plant, expecting a massive overload of tomatoes every day.

Ha! Ha! Ha!  My tomatoes!
So very nummy!
Ha, I say.  Ha.  I have had maybe ten tiny cherry tomatoes, but the rest of the plant is empty.  It did not help that I discover one of those tomato caterpillar worms chomping away at it. 

It did not help that the sun wasn’t adequate, since we could hang the thing in only one spot, which gets sun from 2 to 8 p.m.  It also has not helped that I got fed up with the care it needed.
Art mimics life.

With my granddaughters’ plants, the tomatoes sit happily in sun all day, get lots of water (the girls love to use the hose, any excuse will do), and had less expectations.

The girls love to take me out to see their plants, loaded nearly to maximum with lovely big tomatoes (Marion and Big Boy brands).  “Here, Grandma.  You can have some.  We have plenty,” they say to me.  I tried to show them how wonderful it is to wash the tomato off at the hose, and then eat the tomato warm from the garden, just like an apple.

All I got from them was, “Oh, we really don’t like tomatoes unless Mommy cuts them up in a salad.  Take all you want.”

Why don't I get any tomatoes?!
This weekend I will go and buy a flat of tomatoes, a cheap planter like I gave them, and set those things out.  Dang it.  I may even get some tomato food and a natural worm repellant.  I will get some tomatoes eventually.

So it is true, that old saying:  Them that has don’t care.  Them that don’t, care.  I have no idea where that gem came from, but it wasn’t from me.


  1. I absolutely HATE those caterpillar/tomato worms! They are so amazingly creepy, and they even get to hissing at you if you poke them enough. But keep trying! I am a self professed grey thumb - I love what comes out of a garden, but getting there is not always half the fun for me! haha

  2. Cute post! I know that feeling! I had no luck until my husband took over the veggie of course the suckers are bloomin' everywhere!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. I love the "process" of planting, cultivating, fertilizing, bedding, etc. But, I leave the care-taking and picking up to others. I built a garden this year, a 12' x 12' wooden box that produced a ton of tomatoes,green onions, eggplants . . . but my beloved yellow squash didn't make it, and I love them smothered. Jan blamed it on the heat. I blamed it on the fate... Have you tried Sevin Dust? We had no worms at all.

  4. I have had luck with some plants and others have been duds. The early ones produced, but the ones for August are less than puny. The thing is that they are all planted next to each other and I have no idea why some worked and others did not. Surprisingly, the ones I started from seed did better than the plants I bought. Mother Nature is playng tricks on me. I am lucky though as I live down the street from a farm where I can buy all the red juicy tomatoes I want.

  5. I LOVE tomatoes. I've wanted to grow some, but I'm seriously lacking a green thumb. Plus, we have about a million cats in this neighborhood. I'm sure they'd "go potty" everywhere. I wonder if that's actually better for the plants. Do you know if it's okay to eat tomatoes that have been fertilized by cats? If it's okay, maybe I'll try to grow some next year. ;)

  6. Tomatoes, nothing like home grown but I too have many beasts to deal with....LOL, the secret? Fox pee around the garden....Hee hee, might freak out your cats though :/ Seems to keep everything away from my plants though. I just started this, first year. I love cats, really I do but not to fond of the neighbors cats peeing everywhere in my garden.

  7. Yep, that is how it goes sometimes. Your story made me smile.

    Mine all got early blight, but I've managed to get a few in. It works out though...I never can eat all I get anyway. :0)


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