Friday, September 17, 2021

Thankfully, God is in Charge


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I am.

Who's in charge here? I have heard that question in so many voices, situations. 

Sometimes I am in charge, good or bad. I gladly ceded that responsibility now that I am retired. For twenty years and six-hundred students, I was in charge. 

Parents, we were/are in charge. For feeding, clothing, and all sorts responsibilities for our children, we were/are in charge.

Paying bills, having the oil changed, finding lost items, etc.--we adults: we're in  charge.

Given all that, some of the most amazing I'm in charge here people are children. They have no power, no reason to believe that they are in charge. 

Even though you and I know that a child should not be in charge in critical areas,  they are in the sweetest and most amazing ways.

(The longest video is the last one. The others are less than a minute )
I have shown them before, but darn it, they are so cute.

A three-year old taking charge here, maybe

Expressing himself to one he loves

Helping mommy 

Who in charge here?  Both.

There are many elements in all lives when exasperation leads to a  real question:  Who is in charge of me?

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He is.

We are traveling to Switzerland to see our gr-sons and their parents.  I won't be posting anything for part of the time in early October.  I know, it hurts. But it has to be done.  I am not super human, not sub human, just me.

I will be gone until mid October. Please continue to comment, since I will repost a few semi-good posts.

This is repost from 2019 April. 


  1. Have a truly wonderful trip. Which I know you will.

  2. WE LOVED the videos, and the post. Have a great trip. We only spent a day or two there, but loved that area of the world. WE just drove through. Wish we were making that trip. I know y'all will have a blast. Take care.

    Love from here.
    Sherry & jack
    PS: I know the Grands get top billings, have a ball! Of course we KNOW who is in charge when the grands are involved.....

  3. Those videos stand the test of time. Yes, we know Who is in charge.

  4. Great videos. I've seen the little girl and her father singing on TV. I enjoy them. And there is something about a child and a puddle... That dog is patient.


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