Sunday, June 20, 2021

A Real Man, a Real Woman


American soldier walking with his daughter : Stock Photo
Hold my hand, daughter.

God, history, and hormones arranged how each gender performed in a family unit. Who did what? Man and Woman with their progeny struggled to survive in a sometimes harsh life. 

Man=hunt, impregnate, and kill. Woman=give birth, care for children, gather. Pretty straightforward, wouldn't you say? 

Some would say that there has been a radical turn-around. While many parts of this mixture remain solid, others shift around a bit. Given the changes in society and its needs, change in inevitability is natural.

Whether there is a dad or a mom in the home does not change a primary focus:
their family.

Mother's Day

Men walk through a mall carrying a pink diaper bag.  Women wear combat fatigues when taking their children to school. Men return from work on a motorcycle. Women take the cycle and head out. Men make quilts while women repair pipes. Men and Women both cook. Some are better than others.

Things change, things stay the same. 

 It takes a real man to feel safe in his role, whether it has changed or not.

It takes a real man to accept what he will do, what he can do.

It takes a real man to be the husband or partner to his beloved while both hold onto their family unit. 

And, it takes a real man to change a diaper. 

Happy Father's Day. Even if you are not a father or mother, be a figure for children to admire and respect.


  1. Absolutely right! Gender roles are socially determined, not biologically.

  2. VERY WELL said. Change definitely has its place in life, and is always happening.
    Good visit, enjoyed the read.
    Sherry & jack, lots to agree with here.

  3. My husband cooked, New Orleans style food, sea food, sushi, all kinds of wonderful food. He also vacuumed and did laundry. It's funny, but that all seemed normal in our home. I too did laundry and vacuumed, but I did not cook.

  4. It takes a real parent to do what needs doing. One of your best posts.

  5. It's good to get the tasks done, no matter which gender does them.

  6. Well put! I threw out my back changing a diaper once. Now there's a trick!

  7. Yes! You do what needs to be done. Excellent points.

  8. muy cierto bella reflexion. Te mando un beso

  9. I have several such real men in my family and the husbands of friends too. Everybody chips in to do what's necessary to keep the family humming along.

  10. Sometimes the man tries to be TOO real! Hick says that when his second son (the little future Veteran) was a toddler, he used DUCT TAPE to hold the diaper on, because it was sagging. Not taped to the skin, thankfully, but like a belt to make it tighter.

  11. A real woman carries duct tape in her car.

  12. I love the message you wrote in the last line. Yes, roles keep evolving with time, but there's an essence that could be held onto.

  13. Great post for Fathers Day.

    All the best Jan


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