Friday, August 23, 2019

Walking Strong

Drangey Bird Cliff in North-Iceland and the Viking Grettir the Strong

On the island of βrju Vindúr, life was defined by directions of three winds. A treacherous wind blew in from the ocean, while bitter cold wind swept down from mountains.  Winds from valleys sneaked in over green hills, blasting unexpectedly.

One gust at a time would have been acceptable, but usually two or three gusted through the town of Bakkafjörður all at once.  Merely walking up or down a street necessitated clinging to a wall, or hanging on for dear life on a ship rope strung along streets. 

Needless to say, villagers were noted for exceptional muscular development.  Even so, none could walk up or down streets without assistance.  However, one man had this skill, and he mocked other villagers as he strolled along, hands in pockets, posture straight. His blonde hair waved as winds blew and his muscles bulged. He was gorgeous and he knew it. 

Eiður was such a man.  No humility existed in him.  Pride emanated off him. Oh, how villagers grew to hate him.

He had the chance to leave the island on a ship off-loading goods, ready to on- load sheep and wool for export.  Hopping aboard, he waved at villagers who wished all sorts evil to descend upon him.

Eiður returned after a month with big smiles and stories to tell.  But he had no idea that a month away from three winds had changed him.

He stepped off the ship and was immediately thrown to his hands and knees.  Trying stand up, Eiður found himself again creeping like a dog along streets to his house.  He could not stand.  He could not pull himself up on the ropes. 

From there on, Eiður moved from one spot to another, crawling.  Villagers watched him.  Justification was theirs.

Keldur, where there is still a Viking age floor in the hall.
Company of Heroes

This story is strictly metaphorical. Pride does go before a crawl.

No such island exists in Iceland, altho there are many other amazing islands and landforms! It is on our "Let's go.." list.  My apologies to the native Icelandic speakers. No insult was intended.

We will be heading to visit my brother in Cow Chipping country for a few days. Please leave comments if you can (even though I won't respond) simply because I enjoy hearing from you.

Sjἁumst sἰðar  See you later.


  1. dear Susan what an excellently written :)))

    i thoroughly enjoyed each bit of this story ,beautifully woven ,love it
    yes pride always comes to an embarrassment

    best wishes to your cow country visit

  2. Great story! Iceland is on our trip bucket list too.

  3. 'cow chipping country.' I think I need to hear more about that for certain. Enjoy.

  4. Pride is good in itself, but when it consumes us, it will destroy us.

    Enjoy your cow chipping vaca.

  5. How intriguing! I couldn't wait to get to the end to see his fate.

  6. Great story about Iceland. I have a friend who visited there last year.

    Enjoy your time in my "neck of the woods," or pasture, whatever the case may be.

  7. The prideful man's nose was not so high in the air was it?

  8. He was lucky that his fall was so small. And relatively safe.

  9. Soothing story. Oh how I love when karma does her job and takes down the insufferable. Have fun flipping chips.

  10. What an entertaining close, Susan. One for the karma bus!
    Have a delightful time while away … be safe!

  11. Okay,I smiled. "Pride does go before a crawl." Okay that seals it, you are certifiable!

    But still love to visit your house.
    Sherry & jack

  12. Goes to show that sometimes pride and vanity can lead one down an isolated path.

  13. That's an excellent tale, with a wonderful point.

  14. Kind of like how astronauts have to get reaccustomed to gravity after an extended stay on the ISS.

  15. Pride does indeed go before a fall, although when I do fall, which is a rare occurrence for me, I'm still prideful after when I discover I still have never broken any bones.

  16. How true, Susan, but I think I would have like the story more if they had shown a little pity for him 🤗

  17. Great post.

  18. Great story. Metaphorical tales that add a little magic and oddness appeal to me. Iceland seems like such an interesting and wonderful place. I would like to visit some day.


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