Monday, November 21, 2016

Best of Radio

We're back, taking calls to answer the question of "Regrets?  Looking back on my life..."  First caller on line one.
Radio Personality: So, let's hear it, big fella.  What can you say looking back on your life?

Anonymous:  I'll state it clear...I've lived a life that's...uh...full.  I've traveled down each and every highway...

Radio Personality:  So, you're a traveling man, who lives in cheap motels? Away from the family, huh.  Any regrets?

Anonymous: Regrets?  I've had a few, but then, too few to mention…

Radio Personality: Oh, one of those.  Love 'em and leave 'em? 

Anonymous: I did what I had to do...saw through without exemption...

Radio Personality:  Let me guess:  you planned each careful step, right? Had to, I imagine.

Anonymous:…More, much more than this, I did it my way….

Radio Personality: O-kay, but were there times?  Didn't you ever think you bit off more than you could chew?  You know, the balancing act?

Anonymous: But, through it all…I ate it up and spit it out…faced it all and stood ta…

Radio personality:  I see.  A life of love, laugh, and tears, right?  Yours or your family?  Ever think about 'em?  I mean, didn't you ever think about losing them?

Anonymous:  I’ve had my share of losing, but…now I find it all so amusing!  To think I did all that and…

Radio Personality: AMUSING? But, you’re not shy, are you?  Not humble at all! I bet you shout...

Anonymous: Oh, no, oh, no, not me!  I did it my way!

Radio Personality: Well, then, what IS a man?  What has he got?  If not his family, what is important?

Anonymous: Yes!  If not himself, then he has naught!  To say the things he truly feels…

Radio Personality: NAUGHT? Sure, but these are not the words of one ...?

Anonymous:  ...who kneels!  The record shows…Yes!  I took the blows!

Radio Personality: Well, I'd love to land some blows on you, you narcissistic bastard.  You got a record, a felony record?  

Anonymous:  And did it my way!  Yes, it was my way…

Radio Personality:  Right, buddy.  Whatever you say.  Next caller, line 2?...


  1. haha a fun one indeed as you worked the lyrics on in

  2. I know who was talking!

    Great piece.

  3. Everyone should have a little 'doing it my way' time in their life.....just a little.

    1. Doing it my way only happens when I am in charge, which doesn't all happen.

  4. This was amazing, Susan. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How many songs can you identify...?

    1. In this, only Ol' Blue Eyes, who I did it my way. This song really is close to his own life.

  6. You made me Smile with this one... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Fascinating - Never regret yesterday, live for today!

    1. Regretting those things that need to be forgiven is important. Moving on after that, yes.

  8. That was a clever way to use a song lyric. I couldn't help but chuckle as this progressed.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  9. Some great adjectives for Mr. Anonymous, Ms. Radio Personality. Thanks for the creative interlude here today.

  10. Everytime I see the word 'Regrets, I immediately thing, 'I've had a few.' :) That man could def. belt one out and make it sound pleasant. :)

    1. Sinatra surely had more than a few! Ava Gardner? Mia Farrow? A variety of mistresses? Investments with questionable people?


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